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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Unhappy Celebrity

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Word reached his former colleagues that Celebrity Transferee (CT) is realizing the consequences of his career move. Instead of rewards, CT is faced with pressure that he no longer needs given his stature. CT was persuaded to transfer based on a promise that his career would zoom up. After all, the offer was enticing.

Contrary to high hopes, advertisers were lukewarm towards CT’s project. With few ads, the production has to absorb the costs and CT’s project is not cheap. Hence, the Team Head (TH) instructed CT and company to improve their performance. CT did not like the way they were reprimanded and if not for his word of honor, he would have left. However, he signed a contract that he will honor until the end.
Apparently, CT’s contract is not that long. As soon as his contract ends, CT allegedly will not sign up again. He will go on a break to recharge. He might even go overseas.

Although a former boss has assured him that he can return any time, CT is embarrassed to take the offer and has no face to show to the main boss. Fans might construe him as an opportunist if he comes back so soon. For now, CT has plans to semi-retire and rethink where he wants to lead his career.

‘Look in the mirror rather than at your neighbor.’ ― Frank Sonnenberg

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  1. Replies
    1. P.

      He's used to being protected by former network sa personal life and career kasi kahit mediocre lang ang acting skills niya.

      Local artistas should realize that KaF is a network that knows how to promote and market their talents and shows kahit sabaw, average or no acting pa ang so-called A-list artistas nila.


  2. A. I just think his sadness coz blockbuster movie before na pumutok sa takelya not happen anymore, hence the depression and discontention experiencing, na much more bettee kung transfer na full time.

  3. Si P ba ito? Tsk tsk. Dito yata applicable yung saying na "quite while you're ahead". Wala na nga syang kailangang patunayan, financially stable na rin sya, why take that risk?

  4. Well I think most of them (transferees) feel this way. Kala siguro nung management nakajackpot sila sa mga artista na lumipat lols.

  5. Kung si P ito, passion na lang nya ang dahilan at hindi ang kumita. Financially secured na kasi sya.

  6. Try niya maging youtuber malay natin doon niya marelease creative juices niya at maboost ulit career.

  7. But he is not that popular anymore in his old home studio, anyways.

  8. si p unang pumasok sa isip ko.

  9. si p ata to. nashock rin ako na parang ang bilis naman ng pag transfer nito. hahah

  10. Its P at wala ng iba pa. Nasa huli talaga pagsisisi.

  11. D nasa kabila lahat kasma niya makikita mo tlga sadness ng mga mata niya.di siya ganun ka saya sa kbila eh.



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