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Sunday, November 29, 2020

A Smartwatch That’s FIT to FLEX

A common notion about smartwatches is that each can only have up to two of these three attributes: functionality, style, and affordability--or at least that is what you were led to believe. Yes, it is possible to have all three and a Filipino smartwatch brand will continue to prove just that. 

Koala Philippines has recently launched its newest smartwatch called the Koala Flexfit Smartwatch. It is fully loaded with awesome features that is set to redefine Koality Time.

Available in Metallic Gold, Rose Gold, and Jet Black, the Koala Flexfit Smartwatch sells for only P3,290! But since you are here first, we’re giving it at an intro price of only P2,990! The Koala Flexfit 

Smartwatch works well with both iOS and Android devices. It also offers a Koality Assurance Program that gives up to 12 months replacement warranty. Need we say more?

Visit their pages and grab yours now:


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  1. Wow ok to ha mura na marami pa feature sana makabili ako nito. Dear Santa.



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