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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Unexpected Blessing

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Covid-19 and the subsequent restrictions, such as lockdowns and limited work, have had tremendous effects on the lifestyle and mental health of people. Showbiz celebrities were not spared, as most were out of work given that shootings required many people on the set. The months of idleness allegedly affected Network Talent (NT).

Prior to the pandemic, NT was a very busy celebrity. As soon as one project ended, NT would already have another. However, the family of NT noticed that her personality changed with the lack of work. NT seems to have withdrawn to her own world. Her friends recommended a visit to a doctor who could help NT. With production teams applying the new normal taping procedures, the doctor advised NT to resume work to get her groove back.

Based on the advice, A Kin (AK) approached a Production Head (PH) to seek work for NT. After all, NT has done several projects with them in the past. AK was turned down. PH revealed that their team had a traumatic experience with NT when she threw a tantrum on the set. To protect NT, the team had a news blackout on the incident. Subsequently, the management decided not to avail of NT’s services until a medical clearance has been issued.

AK could not argue for NT even if he vouched for her and said that her production assistants would prevent any untoward incident. Hence, AK tried another production team. This time, AK was given approval to include NT in his project so he can personally supervise NT. AK was surprised at the positive response and was so grateful for the opportunity for NT to work and heal.

‘A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.’ ― Steve Maraboli

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  1. It is not the idleness per se but the lack of earnings.

  2. NT - A
    AK - N

    "the team had a news blackout on the incident" kasi she has this 'wholesome image' na friendly sa staff di ba, tas yung changes sa mood might be bc of the w gain. pero jula lang mga mars. malay natin.

    1. Wrong . GUESS again. A is very busy with her advocacies and has ongoing projects. Research muna.

  3. 3:17 i doubt. Kin means blood relative not BF



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