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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Making a Stand

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Hardworking Celebrity (HC) gave an ultimatum for Supportive Beau (SB) to finalize his plans for their future. As their relationship has deepened, HC believes that SB should wholeheartedly pursue what he says he wants for the two of them. What HC could not wait for any longer are the dilly-dallying of SB and reliance on the advice of External Adviser (EA).

SB is sure of wanting to seal his relationship with HC and informed EA about his intention. Sometime ago, SB wanted to pop the question to HC, but EA thwarted the plan. This time, SB hoped EA would finally understand and give in. Instead of getting the backing SB expected, EA opposed the idea. EA presented the cons on his career if SB prioritizes his personal life. EA questioned the motive of HC as well. The response did not go well with SB, and thus, a discussion ensued between them.

SB told HC about what happened between him and EA. HC advised SB to see the range of effect EA has on his life, and eventually, their lives. HC said that SB seems not to be growing as he continues to follow EA. SB understood what HC pointed out, and he knew he had to make a stand. Subsequently, SB defied EA and chose HC.

Later on, EA got back at SB by not pushing the promotion of a project SB was involved in. When the producers asked EA on his seeming lack of support, his response was for them to ask HC. The response was the hint that tension was brewing among the three.    

‘A lot of things should have been, Zigmund, but they aren’t. Are you going to be miserable about the things you cannot change, or do something about the things you can?’ ― Melika Dannese Lux

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  1. Hula 1:
    HC G
    SB V
    EA V (male pronouns were used; V has said before that V is his biggest financial supporter)


    Hula 2
    HC J
    SB L
    EA E (male pronouns were used for EA)

    If Hula 1 is correct, EA is very right. SB should keep looking. HC will ruin his career because he will no longer be taken seriously by the media. His private life will never be in peace. HC is a good person, but just not right for SB.

    If Hula 2, jusko ang tagal na nilang mag kasama. Someone needs to give in.

    1. 12:43 hindi yan first hula mo..
      Kasi sabi ni FP....
      "Later on, EA got back at SB by not pushing the promotion of a project SB was involved in. When the producers asked EA on his seeming lack of support, his response was for them to ask HC."

      -it means celeb sila at kawork si HC

    2. Hindi rin yang Hula 2 kasi di naman hardworking si J, tsaka may malakas ba na impluwensiya si E for his promotion to matter?

  2. HC - J SB - D both KaH EA - P

  3. K & X. Ulisses typhoon is coming na. See you all at my dreamlandia.

  4. ang galing mo baks!

  5. Sa lahat talaga ng blind item laging may sasagot ng K and X noh? sino ka? tara ng usap tayo hahaha tindi mo e

    1. 4:28 teka hahabol ako sa B&Z😛

    2. Totoo. Laki ng galit kay K and X e. Ilang years na siyang ganyan kakaloka hahahahahaha



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