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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Wrong Timing

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Young Influential Celebrity (IC) always had an eye for Attractive Actress (AA). At that time, AA was a nobody, but that did not matter to IC. However, before IC could make his move, AA was already committed to Patient Boyfriend (PB). IC could only admire AA from afar since then.

The time came when AA and PB broke off their relationship due to career priorities. IC had his chance finally. When IC made his intentions clear for AA, he was disappointed. AA bluntly told him that he was not her type and added she wanted to give full attention to her career. Her schedule was too full to entertain any one. Even PB was erased from her life.

Things changed when the pandemic hit. All work stopped and AA was not spared. Her calendar became empty and with that, opportunities for a lucrative future became unclear. By contrast, IC found himself faced with responsibilities and lots of work.

AA had to take chances and contacted IC to see if he could assist her. IC told AA directly that he could be of help but the price is high. For a couple of days, AA and IC stayed at a resort and he probably got what he wanted.

Without letting her known, IC talked to a production leader for a possible project for AA. Subsequently, AA was called for a project and she knew IC kept his promise. AA realized the influence IC could have on her career and told him he could continue his courting her. Tables were turned. IC said he was happy with his Current Partner (CP). Besides, their deal was only good for one project. Still, AA insisted that if IC decides to leave CP, she’ll be available.

‘Within the realms of what goes around, resides the magnitude and severity of what comes around.’ ― Sandeep N. Tripathi

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  1. IC- J
    AA- J
    CP- S

    PB- di ko alam

  2. IC is probably W, sino naman kaya si AA??

  3. WT - E, ka-F?

    Hulahoops lang habang wala pa ang mga valedictorians... hahaha

  4. He's happy with his new partner BUT he still took AA to a resort? Whatta cheating jerk

    1. Pinantasya nya kc si AA to get even na rin.
      Pero very ungentleman of him, lust lng pala gusto kay AA at cheater nga.

  5. Wild guess: IC: J CP: S AA: is it H? Who is it?



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