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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Bad Decisions

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When Successful Celebrity (SC) was a mere nobody, she did not allow her limitation to stop her from working towards her goal. Like all newbies who rely only on talent, looks, and persistence, SC did not have any powerful backer who could speed up her rise in the entertainment industry. However, she had a Helpful Ally (HA) behind her. HA would send part of her earnings as show of support for SC then.

HA was the only one among the people who should have understood SC’s dreams and help her. SC could have relied on Influential Person (IP), but she did not bother at all. Instead, she encouraged SC to go abroad and marry a foreigner who could provide a good life. SC thumbed down the suggestion, as she was too bent on having a career.

Years later, misses, and plusses, SC had achieved her dreams. As she was surely rising, IP started to change her attitude and became sweet towards SC. SC did not forget HA and this time, HA was at the receiving end of generosity. Times changed, and SC had to review her finances and recuperate from expenses. Sadly, she had to cut the support for HA but continued assisting IP. SC said that HA has work anyway. HA resented the decision, as SC favored the one who was not there when she needed the most help.

Adding to the resentment is that IP influenced SC not to invite HA to any gathering. IP did not want HA to steal attention from her. Such detail resulted in an unforeseen effect that HA had to rectify. This time, HA had to ask SC for compensation, which fell on deaf ears. When SC found out the subsequent actions of HA, she backtracked to keep the latter quiet. Thus, things are supposedly being worked out among the players of this story.

‘Good people can do bad things, make bad decisions. It doesn't make them bad people.’ ― Sonia Sotomayor

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  1. SC= celebrity. IH and HA=wannabe influencer and wannabe celebrities?

  2. Poor SC, caught in between IH and HA. Its not like SC can just cut off ties with either of the two

  3. Da who? Ang hirap!

  4. Wow! Nakakaintriga...sino sila.mga classmates?

  5. Clue for HA is in the picture.

  6. uhuh, ganun pala kwento non



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