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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Kick Her Out

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The uncertain climate resulting from the pandemic has made companies welcome various investors. Thus, when Entertainment Investor (EI) broached his plan to diversify his portfolio to Another Mogul (AM), his investment proposal was too hard to resist.

AM’s business is undergoing changes and an opportunity opened for EI. These days, EI has been making sure his own ventures are keeping afloat even if some of his businesses have been drastically affected by the economic downturn.

Meanwhile, the innovations introduced by AM’s team, who are targeting new clientele and hopefully, more investors, did not escape EI. During the alleged talks, EI said that he will be bringing Media Personality (MP) as one of his talents if AM accepts his proposal. 

The entry of MP to AM’s business reached Versatile Entrepreneur (VE), who wanted to join AM’s team so badly. VE was already set to join the team, but circumstances became the blockades to a future fruitful partnership with AM. Sometime ago, MP and VE used to work together, but their relationship turned sour for reasons that have remained undisclosed. The rift worsened when VE did not want to have anything to do with MP's family member, when her services were needed. 

As things are still up in the air, MP and VE are making their own marks in various projects. If EI and MP indeed win AM, as business is business after all, VE might have to rethink her future plans.

‘Investing money is the process of committing resources in a strategic
way to accomplish a specific objective.’ ― Alan Gotthardt

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