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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Mysterious Disappearance

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Male Celebrity (MC) and Chic Celebrity (CC) are both known for their fashionable taste and fine choices of wardrobe and accessories. Thus, the two hit it off during work. CC was impressed with the style of MC and one time, she noticed a piece of jewelry he was wearing on taping day.

CC asked MC about the jewelry and he said that he wanted to let go of the timepiece. He was willing to let go of the item at a discounted seven-figure amount even if he had bought the timepiece at a higher amount. CC said that she can easily sell the timepiece as she has connections overseas. Besides, CC knows that having MC as the previous owner can easily be a come-on for her target buyer abroad.

MC entrusted his timepiece to CC, who was then scheduled to travel. While overseas, CC updated MC that she found a buyer, but was a million short of their agreed price. MC wanted an additional half-million, which he intended to give to CC as commission. A subsequent message from CC said that the deal was sealed and payment would be done in a couple of days. CC had also turned over the timepiece and the box to the buyer. CC assured MC that the buyer is a trusted good friend.

A week later, MC received a call from CC, who was crying. Allegedly, her trusted good friend gave her the run-around and could no longer be contacted. Hence, the timepiece and the box were gone. MC advised CC to file a case and she said she had already done the said action. MC comforted CC and expressed optimism that the said timepiece would be returned. That was their last conversation.

Weeks passed and MC was focused on his work. CC arrived at the country quietly. MC was already feeling awkward at following up the matter with CC, as he gave the timepiece willingly. Thus, he kept quiet.

Later on, MC and CC were invited to a high-end party. MC saw CC, who merely smiled at him and did not bother to approach. MC continued to socialize and was introduced to a businesswoman. MC kept his composure as he recognized the timepiece she was wearing – the same one CC volunteered to sell for him. Unknown to MC, CC saw him talking to the businesswoman and that was her cue to slip out of the party without any fuss.

‘It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.’ ― Confucius

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  1. Cheater and a social climber. Sooner or later, your kind will lose something more valuable than all the money you stole.

    1. I agree. Sometimes karma will not hit them directly, but their loved ones, and that is worse.

    2. Kapal naman. Kasuhan niya un estapador na babae na un

  2. Wow! Hustler at con artist si CC ! Sino kaya itey?!?

  3. grabe naman yan! sino tong mga to? clue naman po kay CC.

  4. The nerve of that devilish woman. Sino kaya yan

  5. Most intriguing Blind item ah!! wala pa namang clues.... huhu

  6. MC is D, CC is J na kasama nya sa serye

  7. my god!!!!! nakakainis!!!!

  8. Grabe, that is stealing!! Pwede ba siya makasuhan? Grabe, magnanakaw!! Daig pa holdaper!!

  9. Naku CC, mahiya ka nanan. Karmahin ka rin, mas malala pa balik sayo.

  10. Many people are so enamored, impressed, or envious of those celebrities that are featured on social pages, especially the fashionable ones (If only you know their real personalities). Many have hidden stories. And don't be impressed as many of them are not that moneyed. They are there to impressed and to look for their "next victims". I had witnessed many incidents.

  11. Yes those people who are out to impress other people have secrets to hide. Most of them are drowning in debt. Some even have luxury cars but don’t own a house. And wears class A(?) fake stuff 😆

    The real ones don’t need to impress other people because they are confident in themselves. When they wear branded Items they avoid those with big logos and only those in the know would know that the item is expensive.

  12. MC -M and CC -D?



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