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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Mr. Attitude

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Circumstances can change people’s hearts and attitude toward events. What would have been typical behavior of someone in the past can be opposite at the present times. Sometimes, the kind-hearted can change into a monster and the ones with horrible attitude can be humbled.

These days, fans and other netizens noticed the seemingly angry behavior of Angry Actor (AA) at the way things have turned out. AA would post and repost views of other celebrities and sympathize with them. It seems that AA would always have insight that might not go well with the majority.

While AA seems to project a perfect image, sometime ago, his behavior bothered his fans. At a time when relief operations were being done for victims of the tragedy, the site was full of volunteers packing and helping out in the operations. Celebrities who participated were praised and admired for giving their time.

However, when AA arrived, many noticed that he only stayed for a few minutes. Those minutes were spent as though he was participating in the activities and the photo opportunity with volunteers. However, he did not even smile at the others. As soon as the photos were taken, AA left and did not bother to help tidy up his area.

Thus, these days, when AA shows righteousness, the volunteers who saw him years back wonder about his attitude.

‘If you want to discover the true character of a person, you have only to observe what they are passionate about.’ ― Shannon L. Alder

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  1. A kaH. Sleep night.

    1. 12:56 Since baguhan palang sa showbiz si A up until now lahat ng makatrabaho nya both on and off camera puro kabaitan lang ang masasabi about him na tunay na mabait at hindi arte lang. Yung idol mo pa siguro yung plastic.

    2. matulungin yang si A kasi galing sa humble background.

  2. E! Yung palaban ngayon

  3. AA is E. Clue "would post and repost views of other celebrities and sympathize with them. It seems that AA would always have insight that might not go well with the majority."

  4. Maybe he has his own problems to deal with.

  5. Gets ko na si E. Pa-righteous.

  6. I think this is E. I noticed he has so much rants on socmed lately, perhaps he needs to do so to be seen as his popularity gradually fades. Teleseryes, Movie Projects and even TV guestings have gone slack as well.

    May "A" probelem nga 'to, whenever he shares comments? parang laging may patama.

  7. baka one time lang, baka may proublima din yung tao, lahat naman nagkakamale :)

  8. si E na wala naman kasikatang maipagmamalaki. Na la ocean deep agad agad ang career, sumisikat kaka hanash sa socmed.



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