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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Controlled Freedom

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During the height of the call for participation of celebrities in rallies supporting press freedom and a network, non-celebrity followers noted the artists who had remained silent. Many of these artists achieved their status because of the support of the network and thus, their keeping quiet was deemed as an ungrateful act. Soon enough, several artists who were called out started posting their support and joining the prayers and rallies.

One Celebrity (OC) was eager to show her support for her network. The network had not forgotten OC, who is always included in the list of talents. Moreover, talents were encouraged to voice out their support as well. A Production Head (PH) approached OC for her support given her fanbase. OC gave an affirmative answer but she had to talk to Important Person (IP) first.

As OC explained what she wanted to do, IP refused to heed her. IP allegedly told OC that she should not meddle in the issue and let the other talents take care of participating. While IP felt sorry for the employees, he does not want to earn the ire of government officials for OC’s actions. OC followed IP and remained silent. However, the public grew noisier in calling out celebrities and the bashing followed.

The management of OC realized the effects of keeping quiet, especially repercussions on celebrity endorsements. Without the network, endorsements would not have a venue for visibility. Consequently, endorsers would not have sources of income. The go signal for statements was given and OC wrote hers. The draft did not pass IP as he felt the words would hurt the government. He then allegedly revised OC’s statement and said that was her first and last. IP banned her from joining rallies and stressed that the statement was enough.

When the production learned what transpired between OC and IP, sadness was inevitable. PH has known OC throughout her career and acting independently remains elusive for the talent.

‘Niemand ist mehr Sklave, als der sich für frei hält, ohne es zu sein. (None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.)’ ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  1. S & M. Sleep nite!

  2. Replies
    1. 12.55AM Of course not! Go back and read the story. English is obviously not your forte. K has been extremely vocal and while X is more lowkey, he has visibly supported the network.

    2. 4:28 Hahaha. Di mo alam? Permanent fixture na si K & X sa blind item kahit na malayo ang sagot.

  3. Kawawa naman to si S. Mabait naman siyang tao pero bakit ganito kapalaran niya?

    1. Oa mo naman, yan lang kawawa agad

  4. K and D? Or S& M

  5. independence...word na wala sa dictionary niya

  6. ok lang yan. OA lang mga reactions. alam naman natin an gpolitical stand ni M. S asked him for advise, naging honest lang naman siya sa stand nya.

  7. Haaay, she went from one control freak to another. I’m sad for her.

  8. OC - M
    IP - R
    "Acting independently eludes the talent."

  9. She earned my respect with the way she responded with the issue.

  10. Gusto ko un ways nya, di naman need mag pakita sa rally lalo na at me pandemia.

  11. Love S, di siya papansin from the very beginning. It's pure talent ang pinapakita niya para mahalin siya ng tao.



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