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Sunday, August 9, 2020

Considerate Gesture

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Talented Performer 1 (TP1) and Talented Performer 2 (TP2) are often pitted against each other despite having different journeys to reach their status. Both did the common route of joining competitions. TP1 and TP2 had diverse styles but appealed to an intersecting audience.

When shows started airing some time ago, TP1 was getting anxious as he had not received any word if he would be considered as a performer. Appearance would mean compensation, which could help TP1. Like many personalities, TP1 was unable to prepare for the pandemic. His savings were lessening by the day and a call slip would be most welcomed.

As he could not stand the waiting and seeing TP2 regularly performing, TP1 called a producer to request if he could at least be included in the show. He needed to make a living after all. Unfortunately, the response was that only artists who have contracts with the network are prioritized. However, he was given the opportunity to perform.

After his performance, TP1 was informed that his next appearance would be after two weeks. TP1 requested to be allowed to perform immediately in the next show, as he needed to pay his dues. His request goes against the agreement and the producer could not give an affirmative answer.

Unknown to TP1, TP2 learned about his request. TP2 then told the producer that he would be willing to give his slot to TP1. TP1 heard the suggestion of TP2 and he could not believe what TP2 said. Out of pride, TP1 then recanted his request and said he would just wait for the call. TP2 responded that he would not mind giving up his slot for TP1 and he would use the time to spend with his family. TP1 was shocked and smiled at TP2, and thanked his erstwhile rival in various bookings.

‘The rivalry is with ourself. I try to be better than is possible. I fight against myself, not against the other.’ – Luciano Pavarotti

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  1. C & E Sleep night.

  2. J D

    One needs to eat his humble pie. The other has always been generous.

  3. Sayang kasi si TP1, mas may appeal at mas hinaphanap sya ng tao kumpara kay TP2.. Mas mukha lang talagang matino tong si TP2

  4. Sino sila mga besh? Saka anong show ito?

  5. Bless TP2's good heart

  6. TP1-J TP2-E... uwian na.. TP1 kasi talaga may pride..



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