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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Won’t Work

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A contract is a valuable piece of paper that assures a talent of compensation and status with a network. Not all talents are offered a contract and those who are offered should consider the privilege and opportunity to work. While most talents value their contracts, some talents take their agreements for granted.

When a network signed up a Newbie Talent (NT), the management had high expectations and his followers were excited to see him with a station. Prior to signing up, NT has gained followers in social media and the exposure in mainstream media would add stock to his career. After a few weeks, the management found out about NT’s New Connection (NC).

As image is particular to any talent, the management asked NT to explain about NC. NT felt that the request was intruding in his personal life. Thus, he did not respond at all. Accordingly, he was rumored to have said that the network should devote its energy to other talents who could have skeletons in their closets that are more controversial than what they think he has. He has nothing to hide, unlike those talents, whom he even named.

The network heard about NT’s remark and call slips were no longer sent to him. In a snap, he was dropped. After some time, NT wondered what happened to their agreement. He followed up his status and the reply was that his contract was not at all exclusive and he could find work somewhere else. NT, however, was not finished and claimed that he was used by the network. The answer was that he was paid for his work anyway and things are run that way in the industry.

‘There's clearly something to be said for success and following through on your commitments.’ − Frank Carlucci

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