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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Survival Means

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While established celebrities can rely on their savings and future projects, talents belonging to the lower tier are seeking ways to survive these days. With work at a standstill and producers investing only on sure top-raters, talents who are not part of such projects are left to fend for themselves. Most of these talents might be in the midst of paying for homes or cars and having no source of income could mean missing out on payments and losing everything.

Given the prevailing context, Female Talent (FT) felt her anxiety level rising. As her projects were shelved, FT faced the reality that she might not have enough to cover her lifestyle. She feared returning to her old life and thus, she decided to act asap.

When FT was still busy with acting, she received word that Non-showbiz Man (NM) was interested in her. At that time, FT was able to support her lifestyle with her projects and side dates. Hence, NM was not given attention until during the pandemic. FT contacted the booking agent, who arranged for her meeting with NM. The offer was too good to pass as well.

After their initial meeting, NM wanted a second one. The apprehension of FT grew, as she was doing her activity without the knowledge of her Major Contact (MC). MC used to arrange all her bookings and thus gets a commission. As FT has arranged the meeting with NM without MC’s knowledge, she feared the wrath she might receive. She also feared that MC might not agree if NM was the client. Nonetheless, NM assured FT that if MC makes trouble, he’ll take care of MC.

To make sure someone knows what she’s doing, FT confided to a friend her activities with NM. NM, according to FT, is kind to her. These days, FT could only think of financial security and being with NM assures her that she would not have to starve.

‘Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.’ − Voltaire

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  1. Juicy!

    Pero di ko knows!

  2. Si M ba to? Yong bagets pa?

  3. FT- J
    NM- A
    MC- M

  4. I have no clue but this is exactly what I was talking about, a lot of these showbiz celebs aren’t afforded the same privilege that A has. Those not in the upper echelons need to be quiet and find other means to earn and provide for their families.

  5. Ano ba naman ang ibang celebs? Daig pa nila ang w***e.

    1. These women are called courtesans in the olden times. Nowadays they are called sugar babies.

  6. Si young J eto at matandang DOM ang benefactor.



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