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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Unexpected Guests

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Usually, when Infamous Celebrity (IC) goes shopping, she makes sure her favorite stores are under lockdown when she arrives. IC has so much money that she can afford to buy as many high-end items as she wants from shops carrying international brands.

One day, IC and her friends went to a High-end Shop (HS). The staff of HS are fond of IC, as they know that she will spend a hefty sum in her purchases. The HS staff are nice to her and adhere to her whims, such as closing the store while she’s shopping around. They know that even if HS caters to a certain set of clients, IC will always be prey for onlookers and the curious.

Prior to the arrival of IC and her friends, the Young Relatives (YR) of IC were already in the store and looking at the expensive merchandise, which they could afford as well. As the two continue to look around, IC and her entourage arrived. Her group was bubbly and therefore, created noise as soon as they entered. YR looked back, as the voice sounded familiar. Upon seeing IC, YR hurried up with shopping. Meanwhile, IC saw YR as well. Instead of approaching YR, she stood by the door and waited for them to leave.

YR continued with their business and did not bother to acknowledge the presence of IC. Apparently, the two are still mad at IC for dragging their mother out into the open. Their dynamics have always been love–hate, but the last incident has moved YR to loathe IC.

As soon as YR neared the door, they walked fast and did not even raise their heads to acknowledge an elder. The staff of HS saw what happened and were shocked. They knew that YR and IC were relations, but the snubbing incident was unbelievable.  

‘I've learned to ignore the negative people and just be a living example of confidence and self-love.’ – Khoudia Diop

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  1. Replies
    1. Parang. Feeling ko sila din.

  2. IC - G
    YR - J
    HS - G

    easy pissy lang itey.

  3. I would have done the same thing like what J and D did. Ignore NEGA G!!!

  4. as if G would care...go ahead j and d with ur lives ❤

  5. if i were J i would have done the same thing

  6. G deserves the snub.

  7. I would too. Baka pag pinansin pa ni YR si IC, mas gumawa pa ng eksena. Best to ignore na lang talaga.

  8. G really has an attitude noh? I think J is sweet and respectful pero if ganyan naman ang relative mo, eh jusko by all means isnabin mo dapat talaga!

  9. IC - G
    YR - J & D



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