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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Missing Excitement

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When Amiable Personality (AP) and Talented Celebrity (TC) ended their relationship, neither one bothered to divulge the details of the cause. Most speculations focused on outgrowing each other as persons as the main cause of their parting ways. However, the grapevine says otherwise. Third parties played a major role.

For someone to risk a relationship for a third party means the relationship has holes that need to be filled. In the case of AP and TC, the reason might be understood better by looking back into the previous relationship of TC. When TC was a constant favorite of her network, she was part of a successful partnership with Skillful Performer (SP). Like most reel loveteams, TC and SP developed feelings for each other. When their fans noticed the chemistry, TC and SP were easily accepted.

As careers need to be reinvented and redirected, TC and SP parted ways. However, SP revealed the reason for losing interest in their relationship. Basically, TC was boring according to SP. TC might be exciting to watch perform, but in private, SP felt she was dull. She did not allow SP to touch any part of her body, especially her front even with her clothes on. In addition, TC would not let SP kiss her, even on her cheeks. When they parted ways, the movement was better for their careers.

When SP was subsequently paired with Another Celebrity (AC), his career seemed to be on the upswing. Similarly, feelings developed between SP and AC. However, the relationship was short-lived, as SP showed his true colors, which were unacceptable to AC. A darker reason, however, circulated, and that revolved around the similarity of TC and AC. Allegedly, both preferred to be chummy with females, rather than the opposite sex. Poor SP, as he had to go through similar experiences with TC and AC.

‘There's a time in your life where you're not quite sure where you are. You think everything's perfect, but it's not perfect... Then one day you wake up and you can't quite picture yourself in the situation you're in. But the secret is, if you can picture yourself doing anything in life, you can do it.’ – Tom DeLonge

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  1. AP - L
    TC - A

    Di ko lang gets sino si SP.

    Pero yes to chummy with females si TC, narinig ko rin yan from a non-showbiz friend of AP.
    Wala naman masama, baka best of both worlds lang si TC.

  2. Wild guess TC -B
    AC-B (doppelgangers?)
    Who is AP?

  3. Sina
    B- AP (ka-H)
    J- TC (ka-H)
    E- SP (dating ka-H, now ka-F)
    J -AC (ka-F)

    1. Tumpak ka besh!

    2. OMG I forgot about them. You could be right! But TC-J was involved ba talaga with E? Alam ko yung magandang J

    3. Thanks gets na gets ko na! All clue fits. Kaya siguro ganon siya naka react during that incident. Eh baka parehong best of both worlds lang si TC and AC. Dapat kc from the start inamin na nila kay SP dahil feeling ni SP di siya minahal at cover boy lang siya.

    4. Perfect! Exempted ka sa next quiz.

    5. pak hula ko rin yan!

    6. di ba dubious din preference niyan ni e

    7. Sila din hula ko.

  4. 2:00 Same guess tayo!

  5. This one’s easy.

    AP- B
    TC- J
    SP- E
    AC- J

  6. AP - B
    TC - J
    SP - E
    AC - J

    The first 2 are KaH, SP former KaH, AC - J KaF.

  7. J at E sayang sila

  8. Now ko lang na realize puro J mga nalink kay E ha.

  9. I admire how strong TC is.Tama lang na mag demand ng respect. It's her body, her decision. Kung hindi kaya respetuhin ng guy yun, then good for her na nag let go siya.
    ang Stupid din naman ni SP eh. Naturingang matalino, pero napaka superficial.
    TC is guided by her faith. Nilalayo siya sa mga walang kwentang lalaki. I pray na mahanap niya yung taong mamahalin siya ng totoo at magpapasaya sa kaniya.
    For AP, it's his loss.



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