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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Missing a Point

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With celebrities being vocal and exposing their ideas and souls in social media, negative comments cannot be stopped from proliferating. One positive, supportive comment would often have more negative, bashing statements as counterparts. However, social media is already a way to promote oneself and to connect with the technology-savvy public.

These days, when fans are displeased by the performance, actions, reactions, and words of celebrities, expect a barrage of comments. While certain social media pages can have their comments section turned off, many celebrities do not adhere to that feature and bravely allow all sorts of comments litter in their accounts. Sometimes, celebrities even respond to comments, event at the gutter-level.

Being exposed to negative criticisms can toughen up a celebrity to the point of being jaded from bashing. After all, one does not have control over what other people will say, much more spend much time to engage in discussions with trolls or fake account holders. Accepting that one cannot please everyone is a hard pill to swallow for entertainers whose goal is to make people admire and appreciate their talent. Nonetheless, such exposure can prove to be a lesson on handling critics.

When Controversial Celebrity (CC) took a career-changing step by exposing her opinions about wannabees, she was probably not expecting a huge snowball of bashing. Her thoughts have become triggers for certain netizens to express their disagreements over her choice of words. While CC could have a breakdown at the number of negative comments, she opted not to. Instead, CC stuck to her opinions and no longer minded her bashers.

While CC might be admirable in her views and being outspoken, not everyone seems to be happy with how she conducts herself. Something seems amiss in connecting with the audience. Hence, rumors have it of the high possibility that CC might not be back in case a second part of her project is launched.

‘It's not the situation, but whether we react negative or respond positive to the situation that is important.’ – Zig Ziglar

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  1. M the boring one

  2. L holier than thou diva

    1. "took a career-changing step by exposing her opinions about wannabees" basahin mong mabuti ung BI wag puro sagot

  3. Replies
    1. Patawa ka 1:50. Basahin mo ng 10X! Ang sabi sa BI “took a career-changing step by exposing her opinions about wannabees”

  4. Replies
    1. Laging laos comment mo. Idol mo ang laos inggit na inggit ka. Hanggang ngayon lagi pa rin nasa news at trending kahit anong gawin.

    2. Tama si 1:57 na M pero ibang M ito kaya easy kalng 8:39. Hahaha

  5. “took a career-changing step by exposing her opinions about wannabes.”
    CC - M Of KaF

  6. So M na nawawala na sa eksena.

  7. M ito na walang energy.

  8. More clue about M puhleaaase

  9. M na lutang lagi sa show niya

  10. Si M, KaH na pabebe at ggss. Pangit naman sa personal at ang panget ng ugali.



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