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Friday, May 31, 2019

Risky Call

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Since the time Able-bodied Talent (AT) entered the network, a question as to why he has been getting good exposure has been circulating in the grapevine. Other than his looks, AT is not as talented as his contemporaries nor does he really fit in roles assigned to him. What was clear was that AT was getting projects ahead of talents who seemed more appropriate for his assignments.

While AT took advantage of his opportunities, the rumors of having Powerful Insider (PI) behind his career were whispered within the walls of the network. However, no one really minded the alleged relationship as no one wants to cross the path of PI. Getting on the nerves of PI would endanger one’s career and thus, no one dare confirm if something indeed is happening between PI and AT.

However, things seemed to have changed. Allegedly, AT has shown disinterest in his ‘relationship’ with PI. He’s not as warm as before and this attitude might seem to jeopardize his career. The twist, nonetheless, is more interesting. A reason justifies as to why AT seems to have had a change in heart. His interest has shifted.

According to rumors, AT has found a more influential and richer benefactor. His New Benefactor (NB) is not just an ordinary top-level executive, as NB’s word can be more powerful than anything at PI’s level says. Hence, AT knows his side and the one with whom he might just have better footing in his arena, that is, if he would be able to really get on the favorable side of NB. While NB is influential and colorful, her world is not the same as PI’s and AT should know that he would be taking a career risk.

As to PI, being a veteran in the industry, she could be aware that such things happen and there will always be another person who is more powerful, interesting, and moneyed. Such person will always attract opportunists.   

‘An opportunist hides the truth and keeps the options for the achievement of the purpose.’― Ehsan Sehgal

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  1. R na may gf na?

  2. Dalawa ang C sa network..parehong biningwit?

  3. C lang naiisip ko?

  4. sino kaya 'to, ang hirap ah, more clues please, thnx

  5. iba talaga pag nagkakahulihan, nagkakasulutan ... lels



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