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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Caring for Her Survival

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Raising kids while being a celebrity can be tough on both parent and child. As soon as the public finds out a celebrity is going to be a parent, privacy is lost for the coming child. While some celebrity parents have successfully kept their children away from the limelight, others have failed and have no choice but to exposed their children to their world. Consequently, pressure is placed on the child, as the public would usually expect the son or daughter to follow the footsteps of the celebrity parent. This situation results in several problems. First, the child has to create an identity outside the shadow of the celebrity parent or else suffer from daily comparisons. Second, the child has to conform to certain behavior so as not to embarrass his/her celebrity parent. Failure to cope with such expectations can lead to dire results.  

When Outspoken Mother (OM) learned of the former alleged controversial activities of Favored Daughter (FD), she decided to have a heart-to-heart talk and face the issue once and for all. As FD is not getting younger, OM felt that things have to be resolved to ensure that FD will have focus and live a fulfilling life. OM had to accept several truths about FD.

One of the painful truths is that FD blamed OM for her wayward ways. OM was busy with her work and failed to spend time with FD. Moreover, OM was going online to respond to her bashers, unaware that FD needed attention. After their talk, FD felt relieved and OM recommended for her to undergo therapy.

As FD followed OM, she needed to keep away from distractions and was advised to focus on her relationship with Cute Boyfriend (CB). CB and FD have long been friends and thus, OM was not a stranger to the boy. Supportive of FD’s choice, OM decided to continue helping out FD to live the life she wanted.

OM realized that the business venture of FD was not moving as expected. Given that she is wealthy and is a good handler of finances, she offered help to FD. OM assured FD that she can enjoy her life without worrying about where to get the next meal or the money to spend on special things. True to her role in OM’s heart, FD can live life a princess, thanks to her mother.

‘How we present ourselves at any given time is dependent on the situation. We constantly balance the tension of high aspirations with the pragmatism of realistic expectations. The key is to represent ourselves in such a way that we can fulfill the expectations we create.’ ― Marian Deegan

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  1. Replies
    1. i think so too. waley ganap sa life in FD. buti na lang rich si mama!

  2. OM = S
    FD = K


  3. OM J
    FD A
    Pers ownor. Hard pill to swallow. But parents lalo na ang mom ay importante sa personal growth. Or else magiging attention seeker at maghahanap ng love sa iba hyuhyu

    1. Sila din unang naisip ko. Kaso sabi cute boyfriend, malayo sa cuteness ang bf ni A. Hehe..

    2. 139 grabe sya hahaha! pero may point, mali yung cute na description lol

    3. alangan namang tawaging chaka 139! NKKLK sugurin tayo ni A dito HAHAHAH

  4. OM - A
    FD - R


  5. OM S
    FD K

    Guess ko kaya our of the country.

  6. I don’t think it’s right for FD to blame OM for her wayward ways. Although OM was probably not able to spend so much time with her, FD was actually spoiled rotten and treated like a princess. A lot of children have parents who are also super busy because not everyone can afford to have a stay at home mom but as long as you feel loved then it should be okay.

  7. A and J wala ng iba

  8. Money can't buy happiness! It'll only make you less happy.

  9. OM - S FD - K Byers!

  10. Kung si K and S ito, ano ung wayward ways ni K? Mukhang hindi naman sya pasaway. Parang A and J.

  11. Both S and K has too much insecurities. A “has been” and a “never been.”



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