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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hatch a Whole World with Hatchimals Collegtibles!

Experience an amazing interactive play and start hatching the cutest collegtibles today brought to you by, Hatchimals! Discover a whole new world of fun and interactive play by collecting up to 70 Hatchlings from Common to Rare, Ultra Rare and Limited Edition. Hatchimals Collegtibles are available in 1-pack (blind pack), 2-pack and even up to 4-pack. Make sure to collect, update and trade your collegtibles to complete your world, Hatchtopia.

Simply rub the purple heart in the middle of the egg to warm it up using your thumb or palm until it turns pink. Once you feel the egg soft enough, gently press on the heart to hatch the egg and to reveal your surprise Hatchimal inside! Keep peeling the extra egg pieces to get the egg base which you may use as a nest for your Hatchimal.

With over 13 families to collect and hatch including 3 special family editions and 1 limited edition family. Keep collecting and keep hatching to build your very own Hatchtopia, here’s a new egg-citing world from Hatchimals!

Hatchimals Collegtibles are exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Company Inc., and are available in all leading toy stores nationwide. To learn more about Hatchimals products, you may visit and our Official Facebook Page (@Richwell Club) and website at

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