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Monday, October 30, 2023

Tastes Change

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As the cliché goes, change is constant. In all aspects of life, change moves the way people live, think, and innovate. If things remained stagnant, growth would not happen. That adage is true even in the entertainment industry. Celebrities who have realized the secret to staying long in the limelight know they have to constantly reinvent their image. Staying in just one genre will eventually make a celebrity reach the peak of his/career and the next stage is down.

Smart Celebrity (SC) could be considered as among those who understand the value of finding one’s strength and working an image around it. In other words, SC knows how to strategize and move within the industry. That is, until things were no longer in the realm of her expectations. Could she have been complacent and caught off guard?

Grapevine buzz is so loud that recent events have not been in the favor of SC. Thus, when SC realized that her usual antics were no longer working, she did not take it well. Rumors have it that SC’s presence was the result of investing in goods that equate to an invitation. Spending is key. Meanwhile, instead of digging into their pockets, others received invitations from hosts. Thereby, SC was displaced despite allegedly thinking money talks, whereas the others spent nothing for their presence, which was much appreciated by the hosts and kibitzers.

Things do change and SC might have to once again rethink her strategy. After all, hosts are starting to look into possibilities and opportunities with others.

‘In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.’ —Abraham Maslow

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  1. Sinong H yan, clue pls

  2. H. The show is L or H.

  3. Yun na nga ba sinasabi ko eh lol. H na h...

  4. Ahhhhh! Now, we know.
    Kaya pala sya snubbed, and mostly not acknowledged dahil sa strategy nya.
    She is known to be a spender, so nothing is new.

  5. Haha...This is H!

  6. if it's what I think it is then H should adapt. habang lumalaki ung reach netong industry, expected na na may mga pagbabago. anyway, shookt lang ako na need nya gumastos ng malaki para mainvite. kaya siguro frustrated din syasa mga recent events kasi naglaan din sya ng effort and money

    1. SC has to spend just to get the invite while others are sought after due to their own credits and prestige

  7. Doon na nga lang siya umangat kahit papaano mukhang short-lived pa.



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