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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Bran Reluao, The Tech Communications Expert

Young, stylish, intelligent. Bran Reluao is making waves in the communication and public relations industry. Only 25 years old, the CEO entrepreneur is using technology and social media platforms to influence client branding. Reluao spearheads his companies BranReluao & Associates and AuthorityAsia Communications Inc.

Reluao creates content for social media that caters to the interests of the major consumer groups, which are Gen Zs and millennials. As those generations are tech savvy and highly involved in social media, Reluao’s strategy engages and connects with them.  

The various endeavors of Reluao included assisting candidates to widen their online reach during the 2019 election season and subsequently, winning. For instance, by using Facebook, candidates were able to connect during real time with their constituents.

Also, he had produced a digital campaign to promote tourism in a South Luzon province. The project increased tourist arrivals by as much as 75%, which generated revenue for the locale.

Reluao has launched RepublicAsia Media, which is a news platform that targets Gen Zs and millennials. The website is ‘a platform for the young generation to share and tell their stories.’ Taking advantage of non-traditional media, Reluao capitalizes on generating interest and awareness for the young generations.

Even if he is considered young, Reluao is surely making his mark into the digital world. He’s not about to stop, as his passion for technology and his communication expertise truly answer the needs of the times. 


  1. eto lang tatanggapin kon CEO...hindi yung sa TikTok

  2. Eto yung tularan ng mga kabataan hindi yung mga bad influencers s tiktok na akala mo nasabi hang titktok star eh ang tataas ng mga ihi



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