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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Tragic Circumstances

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The family life of Semi-retired Actor (SA) was deemed ideal at the onset. His parents were both respected in showbiz and their marriage was welcomed. Sadly, his happy life ended when the marriage was over. SA was left him moving from one home to another to be with his mom or dad. The separation left a scar in SA, as he grew up.

Demanded by his status to have a career in the industry, SA obliged and many thought he would become the ultimate leading man. The prediction was wrong. SA followed another path that left many unsettled. Years later, SA hurdled his personal issues, but his private life was indeed sad.

Allegedly, his relationship was far from ideal. He found out that His Partner (HP) was cheating on the side, not once, but several times. Worse, HP has a bad habit, as well. SA had to teach HP a lesson when he learned one of her cheating incidents involved someone close to him.

When SA decided to end their relationship, he left their child with HP. Rumors added that HP was unable to care for the child as she needed to work. Hence, the child was thus entrusted to relations.

‘I think it's time that we all be there for the children, to learn from the ones who came before us, and to teach our sons and daughters to have respect for themselves. Break the cycle.’ − Ja Rule

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  1. si M ba ito. he has everything then kaso sa vice natalo.

    1. i have 2 M's in mind. 1st is his parents are both from showbiz but not married accdg to google. 2nd parents are not from showbiz

    2. 558 Sabi nga parents are in showbiz di ba.

  2. Replies
    1. Who is M? Clue naman hindi ko mahulaan eh. Thanks 😊

    2. Semi retired , both parents ay artista. Si I yan.

  3. Sinong M yon? Clue naman

  4. SA ~ I
    Ka-love team nuon ni D?

    1. Omg. Kawawa naman , yung babae pa talaga nagloko :(



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