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Monday, March 27, 2023

Love’s Controversial Present

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While things are now smooth with Current Love (CL), Network Talent (NT) is now being accused of cheating. Apparently, NT hurt Old Flame (OF) so much when they parted.

NT has been in showbiz for quite a time. The management had given NT various projects that tested the versatility of any actor. NT delivered and the continuous assignments proved the trust of the higher-ups. Even if NT faced a lot of competition from talents inside and outside of their station, NT chose loyalty above all else.

One day, NT decided to end speculations of one’s status. After all, fans were curious about an actor’s personal life. NT admitted CL was making life special. The two were happy, but the alleged backstory proved interesting, too.

Insiders revealed that NT was already with OF for a good number of years when CL entered the picture. NT was probably smitten that led to the break-up of the relationship with OF. If the break-up was seen as a clean way, that is, ending a relationship before pursuing the next, rumors claimed another. Allegedly, NT was cheating already with CL while still with OF. Most parting of ways are deemed painful, but lucky for NT, OF remained quiet so as not to create any career controversy.

Time, as always, proved to be a healer. Not only are NT and CL happily together, OF found love in a non-showbiz person, who was once dragged into the limelight. The past is the past.

‘My heart might be bruised, but it will recover and become capable of seeing beauty of life once more. It's happened before, it will happen again, I'm sure. When someone leaves, it's because someone else is about to arrive--I'll find love again.’ ― Paulo Coelho

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  1. Hula lang.
    NT- P
    CL- J
    OL- Ex ni NT na model.
    Uso talaga mga overlapping sa showbiz couples.

    1. never naman silang umamin. PR lang

    2. Eh kung sila ito, meron din jowa that time si CL so pareho silang nagcheat sa mga jowa nila. Ang ganda ng foundation ng relationship nila 🤡 both cheater pala.

  2. Lam na this! OF you dodged a bullet

  3. NT - C
    OF - T
    CL - C

  4. NT-K KaH

    Lahat sila K! Lol!

  5. NT - J
    OF - N
    CL - I

    1. Di naman versatile si J, sabi various projects that tested the versatility of any actor, hindi sya yan.

    2. Ito din ang hula ko

  6. NT - K
    CL - K
    OF - K
    current of OF - K

    aw totoo pala na nangcheat si NT

  7. Pano kung yung other girl ang makulit?

  8. K lahat ito. OF cheated with NT sa ex niya. While the new love of OF was cheated on. Puro cheat cheat kaloka

  9. I, J and N. Sure na sure.

  10. Omg. Sinetch ang mga itey?

  11. clue sa current ni OF (K) - ex nya isang B. hehe
    lahat sila maganda!

  12. More clues mga baks sumasakit ulo ko!

  13. J = NT
    K = OF
    and C = CL

  14. Mga marurupok, yun lang. Haha Mundo nga naman ng showbiz.

  15. Ang hirap. Ang naiisip ko lang na K (NT) & K (CL) is the newly out couple. Tried to search if may cheating issues ba si K (NT), wala naman. Clues naman mga mare



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