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Friday, May 1, 2020

Tweet Scoop: KC Concepcion Reacts to 'The Unconfined Cinema' of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo

Images courtesy of Twitter: itskcconcepcion


  1. Ayan yun comment ni KC na posts on social media are like episodes in a tv series, gets ko yan kaya ayaw at wala na akong socmed kahit isa. Hindi naman ako artista, celebrity or may business na prinopromote. Sobrang curated and staged na mga posts from private people na hindi naman totoo parang gumagawa lang din sila ng sariling tv show nila. Ang dami ko na kakilala na mag jowa and magasawa na hiwalay na ngayon pero a few days before naghiwalay puro post pa ng perfect date love ekek. Tapos nung naghiwalay, puro naman awayan posts lol. Yoko na, I want to live in peace.

  2. Without any bias, what KC said is true. And I don't even think she made that comment with reference to JLC and bea. That is really what's happening.

    1. Reference din kasi nag reply siya sa comment about Bea and John Lloyd's short film

  3. Thats true, KC. Very very true. Hays, what a toxic and superficial our world right now

  4. So true. Everyday life naka post sa socmed. Tas pag successful yung isa, mattrigger yung mga inggetera. Kaya nagiging basher sila hahaha

  5. trulalu. Everything is done for an audience now.

  6. Yuck, Hindi naman maganda yan. Just a boring blah blah with no talent required. Lol.

  7. Naku KC kahit ikaw din naman biktima ng promo hahahahaha



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