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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Slow Reaction

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Fans and friends of Female Talent (FT) are wondering why her Special Friend (SF) is slow to react and is not behaving as expected for someone who is close to her. FT has been under pressure amidst the imposed quarantine, uncertainty of work, and other related issues. Thus, FT’s circle expects that SF would be the first to express support for FT. That seems not to be the case.

After an unexpected crisis, friends and ordinary netizens expressed support for FT continuously. Meanwhile, no word was heard from SF who found out about the incident late in the evening, as he had overslept. SF allegedly has a nighty skin care routine that takes much time, and thus, leads to him sleeping and waking up late.

As FT seems to be a controversy magnet, nothing immediate was heard from SF when bashers were bludgeoning FT. Other co-workers once again backed up FT. This time, FT’s supporters crossed networks, but still SF was not as vocal. His behavior seemed timid considering he’s a celebrity connected with FT.

One day, FT’s Trusted Pals (TP) asked about the whereabouts of SF. Like many others, TP expected SF to comfort FT even by videocalls, as travel restrictions are imposed under ECQ. FT said that SF might still be asleep, as he has been spending late nights finishing Korean dramas. Then, TP kidded that they and SF are rivals for a cute Korean actor. FT allegedly replied, ‘I have no idea with that gay.’ Probably, FT was still depressed, as her unexpected reply shocked TP. TP then laughed hard and after a few seconds, FT took back what she said.

Quietly, days after the troubled moments, SF posted his message of support for FT. Expectedly, followers reacted with questions on why his reaction was delayed and where he was when FT was alone fighting her battle. Typical of his behavior, SF ignored such comments and bashing, as his priority is having FT in his life. Whether SF thinks of FT as his trophy girlfriend is a question he can only answer.

‘Be slow to speak, and only after having first listened quietly, so that you may understand the meaning, leanings, and wishes of those who do speak. Thus you will better know when to speak and when to be silent.’ − Saint Ignatius

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  1. Si K to and her bf. Makalabs kaya sila after quarantine?

  2. Haha easy peasy FT-K, SF- X

  3. FT- K
    TP - A or B?
    SF - X

  4. Hanuvah aching x! Hahahaha

  5. K and X sure na

  6. K and X... find someone you deserve, K.

  7. Naku baka rival ko pa si X sa fave oppa ko ha hahahha

  8. Yehey tatama na tayo sa wakas!!!
    K and X

  9. K&X tumama din sa wakas!

  10. M at A po, puro mali hula of yours



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