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Friday, May 22, 2020

Expected Feedback

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Production people often witness the moods of talents they work with. Lucky are the staff who are assigned to diligent, responsible, and sympathetic talents. Work is smooth and finishes on time if talents come to the set prepared and possess a professional mindset. In other words, these talents know their roles and follow instructions from the production heads, such as the director and producer, without any hassle. Sadly, such is the ideal world and not every project can be done without any glitch or ill-feelings among the staff.

Known for her being vocal and speaking her mind, Media Personality (MP) is enjoying the developments of her career. Once considered in hiatus, the breaks given to MP these days are turning out to be advantageous to her management. With appearances in movies and TV shows as well as several followers in social media, MP can be said to be enjoying a successful career. However, MP can be a nightmare to the production staff.

One time, MP was requested to read a spiel by the production. The production assistant assigned to MP was shocked as MP refused to read the card. MP even reprimanded the assistant in front of the crew and her voice was loud enough for people within the vicinity to hear. The assistant, did not give up and subsequently explained the reason for the said spiel. MP was hardheaded and she stood by her word. Although, she was the talent, she still got her way. After that incident, MP’s mood changed and the production staff were helpless, as MP already flexed her capability.

‘People hate me because I’m real to myself and others, I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not. I won’t put up with the foolish games you want me to play …. I don’t talk crap behind someone’s back, I deliver it to their face.’― Shaneika Marie

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  1. Bakit ganon noh? Dapat ung mga staff and crew behind the scenes ang nasusunod dahil sila naman ang in-charge at nag wowork directly sa mga nag papa sweldo sa mga artista/media personalities. Not the other way around.

  2. madami naman ata ang ganyan

  3. Si K na feeling magaling from KAF



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