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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Competitive Splurging

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Performer 1 (P1) and Performer 2 (P2) similarly came from humble beginnings and entered the industry with talent as their only weapon. Like most performers, P1 and P2 joined as many talent contests as they could until they were finally noticed by managers. As time passed, their careers prospered with left and right live shows, television appearances, and movie stints. Their talents were pure, and definitely, they earned their respective places in the industry.

Now that the entertainment industry is at a standstill, their source of income has gone nil. International and local performance bookings have been cancelled or rescheduled. However, the reactions of P1 and P2 to the crisis are different. While P1 has been vocal on the lack of opportunities, P2 has been quiet. As their careers progressed, P1 lived a carefree lifestyle, whereas P2 saved for a home and spent his money wisely.

Apparently, P1 has been beset with requests for financial help from his masseurs and boys who used to frequent his pad. As their services require physical contact, their work is almost non-existent as well. P1 has no extra cash to respond to such requests, as he does not have work himself. With frequent texts and calls from his boys and his inability to help, P1 would sometimes turn off his mobile.

P1 realized his money issue and perhaps has reflected on his days of being generous to the boys he was fond of. The money he spent could have otherwise gone to his savings. He was even competitive to the point that he would outbid the boys P2 fancied. P2, by contrast, never paid more than what should be for such service and he did not care much for competition. The competitive splurging of P1 brought him to his reality now, that is, not having much during the pandemic and work opportunities remaining elusive.

‘The shortest period of time lies between the minute you put some money away for a rainy day and the unexpected arrival of rain.’ − Jane Bryant Quinn

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  1. P1 - J
    P2 - E or M

  2. P1 - M
    P2 - E
    Sure na

  3. Di bale P1, at least nag-enjoy ka naman sa pinang gastusan mo ng pera dati.

    1. e si P2 nagenjoy na at the right price nakapundar pa ng bahay. Winner si P2

  4. J and E. Si J nakapundar na ng bahay.

  5. P1 is S of Kah... P2 could be D, yung lagi niyang partner sa acts niya...



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