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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Repost: Park Ji Hoon Succumbs to Cancer

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Actor Park Ji Hoon has passed away at the age of 31 (by international reckoning).

On May 15, Park Ji Hoon’s family revealed on his Instagram account that the model-turned-actor, who appeared in tvN’s “Chicago Typewriter,” had passed away on May 11 due to stomach cancer.

In addition to posting the time and location of a funeral ceremony scheduled for May 15, his family shared the following message along with a photo of funeral bouquets sent by friends and acquaintances:

"We are posting this message just in case there is anyone we mistakenly did not contact.

We deeply thank everyone who sent their warm comfort and encouragement even during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Thanks to you, we were not alone as we sent my younger brother to heaven. Your support was a huge source of strength to not only me, but to our entire family. We will never forget it.

Please always be careful about COVID-19, and I hope you always stay healthy.

Once again, I want to sincerely thank you."


  1. Bata pa nya. RIP

  2. Di ko sya kilala lahat sila magkamukha kc

  3. 31! Oh my... that is so young. RIP young man

  4. Naniniwala din pala mga Koreans na merong Heaven.

  5. Gone too soon. RIP.

  6. Yes 843 they believe in heaven. May kakilala ako na Korean who is born again. Madami sila actually sa church na naattendan ko.



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