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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Providing Assistance

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The more than two months of quarantine have caught many people unprepared for the financial effects the lack of work brought. Unlike her colleagues, Young Talent (YT) is not on guaranteed contract terms. Hence, she has to rely on her daily work and endorsements to sustain her family’s lifestyle. With no work for the past weeks, YT had to think of ways to cope with the situation.

The problem is that YT and her family are not keen on the relief packages sent by the barangay. Canned sardines are not high on their list as staples and they prefer to do their grocery or order food. Such preferences can hurt the pocket and YT started to feel the effects early into the quarantine.

Prior to the lockdown, YT had an easy time getting what she wanted from her admirers. However, YT could not ask from those personalities, as they have also been hit by the work stoppage. YT had an idea, but that required swallowing her pride – she had a Former Boyfriend (FB) who could financially rescue her. YT was hesitant at first, but seeing that her family could not longer eat the glorious food they had been accustomed to made YT execute her plan. An ailing parent, whom she is supporting, added to YT’s motivation to contact FB.

Unfortunately, the texts of YT were ignored by FB. YT had to move to plan B and this time, she had to muster more than guts to push those buttons. She needed help and the next best person to ask was FB’s Dad (FD). When YT and FB were together, she became close to the family and his parents got to know her well. YT sent the text to FD seeking help. When YT saw the reply, she could not believe what she had read.

FD’s Wife (FW) had FD’s mobile when the text came in. As the text was not malicious and was sincere in asking help, FW answered diplomatically. FW told YT that she would send her money but on a certain term. YT agreed. 

FW eventually sent money to cover the expenses of YT and her family for a few months. However, FW was stern in telling YT not to bother FB and FD. If YT violates FW’s condition, the young personality should brace herself for the response of the older woman.

‘It's a fine thing to rise above pride, but you must have pride in order to do so.’ − Georges Bernanos

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  1. Sana alam ko number ni FW para hingi rin ako ng tulong.

  2. Iba din tong babaeng to

  3. Mas curious ako sa amount. Hahaha!

  4. mautak si YT. lol..

  5. mabait talaga si FW. kung iba yon tatalak lang pero siya nagbigay pa din at tumulong.

    tama naman din ginawa nya.

  6. Yt can call me anytime! Pede naman “online” na eh if d pede personal yung “transaction”. 😂

  7. Ang bata pa nitong c YT ha pero hustler na talga para lang sa lifestyle na di nman talaga afford. Oh well, choice nya nman yan.

  8. Infairness naman din kay FW, di nagdamot kay YT.

  9. pautang po FW!

  10. Ay naku, magtipid kasi at huwag mag-astang may minahan ng ginto kung isa lang may hanapbuhay sa inyo. Huwag ring mag-inarte kasi kahit sardinas, grasya pa rin iyan. Mabuti na ang meron kaysa walang makain. Aba, e wala na nga kayong pinagkaiba sa pulubing namamalimos. Lamang lang kayo ng paligo.

  11. Mabait si FW. pero si FD di pa rin nagbabago kaloka

  12. Was she ever close to the family?



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