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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Differing Move

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When Versatile Talent (VT) was entering the entertainment industry, her management focused much attention on introducing her to their audience, and articles were published in an attempt to make her a household name. Her team was molding her into an image that seemed to be comfortable with her at first. Thus, she was given roles that were supposed to highlight that image.

As time passed, VT indeed gained mileage. Although most of her roles were supporting, her projects were on primetime or highly publicized. On the one hand, VT was being groomed for serious roles, but on the other hand, other projects presented her other capabilities as an actress who can make people experience all sorts of emotions.

However, rumors started to hound VT and these alleged stories about her life prior to entering showbiz started to chip into her image. Rumors are part of a celebrity’s career and responding to such talk with emotion and anger often places the celebrity in bad light. VT opted to keep quiet and work within what was presented to her. VT stood by what has been revealed by her camp about her pre-showbiz background.

One day, VT decided to veer away from the image that was initially charted for her career. Citing personal reasons, VT said she would be more careful in choosing her projects. The decision made her fans accept that she was indeed serious on continuing a wholesome image. Although a wholesome image would mean high competition for roles, that challenge did not matter to VT. She seemed bent on having an image that even the youth would appreciate.

Meanwhile, given the change in her image, the expectation was consistency in actions in public. Thus, a fan was puzzled when VT was seen walking in a casino-hotel with an Asian-looking guy in tow. They were seen allegedly checking-in. VT is unmarried and has yet to reveal if she is into a relationship these days.

‘Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.’ − Ayn Rand

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  1. K na sexy of KaH?

  2. K? Business yta nya yan eh

  3. This is K of KaH. Hayaan nyo na cya what she does with her private life kase personal life nya un. Image on screen ung gusto nya baguhin, ndi sinabi kung anuman sa personal life nya. And yes I think business nya yan



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