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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Determined Girl

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Prior to the lockdown, an interesting incident happened between an ordinary couple and Media Personality (MP). One typical Sunday, the couple was at the parking area of a mall and about to park in the PWD slot when another car started jockeying for the same space. The markings were clear that the said slot was for PWDs and one of the persons in the couple’s car was a PWD.

Suddenly, MP’s car started honking and after a few seconds, the driver stepped out and introduced herself. The couple said that the parking slot was a right of the PWD passenger. However, MP was adamant and insisted that she should be the one to park, as she was in a hurry to interview an Important Someone (IS) for her show. Even if the PWD passenger said that the designated slot was needed for a wheelchair, MP continued to argue. To keep things cool, the couple relented and gave the slot to MP.

After almost an hour, the couple found a parking slot and went around the mall. The incident with MP was forgotten until they chanced upon her in one of the restaurants. At the corner, away from the view of most diners, MP was having a conversation with IS. Then, the couple realized that MP had no crew or a camera person to record her alleged interview with IS. The couple noticed that MP was in mini-skirt and high heels, and was fully made up.

Out of curiosity, the couple looked at IS and they were surprised to see that he was among the most sought after unattached public servant. By contrast, MP is in a committed relationship, which is not a secret in her circle. The meeting looked more like a date instead of the interview that MP used as a bargaining chip to get the PWD couple’s parking slot. When MP and IS were stepping out of the restaurant, her eyes met the couple’s gaze. However, she immediately changed the direction of her sight and pretended she did not see the couple. Quickly, she and IS made their way out of the area.

‘We try to be really nice and friendly to people, but sometimes they take advantage of that.’ − Layne Staley

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  1. IS: V????

    DA WHO SI MP?? Hindi ba si G ang linalapit ng mga tao kay V?? Hindi naman siguro si G si MP since according sa BI in a committed relationship si girl. Known na single si G.

    1. Sobrang busy din ni V para lang makipagdate at mukhang hindi nya type si ghorl

    2. Hindi siguro si G dahil edukada naman si G. Hindi siya magpapark sa alam nyang parking spot ng PWD.

    3. I don’t think it’s V. wala sya time makipag meet up sa mall much more to have a date with someone na known with sabit.
      And yes parang hindi din si G yan.

  2. Kakahiya na nakipag-agawan si MP sa PWD sa parking space na para lang naman talaga dapat sa PWD tapos siya pa ang pinagbigyan. Sana sinabi nila sa kadate ni MP para na-turn off sana.

  3. Kay MP at sa mga katulad niya, wag nyo naman nang agawan ng parking spot ang mga PWD. Bawas-bawasan naman sana ang kakapalan ng face.

  4. R & G ang guess ko.

  5. entitled much si MP ha

  6. These are not V and G dahil unattached naman si G and sila ang na BI ni FP noon na dating. The guy IS is not V but R. Di ko alam who is MP.

  7. "they were surprised to see that he was among the most sought after unattached public servant."

    Wala namang masyadong public servant fitting the description of IS other than V. If yung R na mga hula dito is yung friend ni V, parang di din naman fit kasi may non showbiz girlfriend na siya.

    Tsaka wala din namang girlfriend si V. Hanggang wala siyang inaamin, wala yan.

  8. if IS is V ang weird naman. Hindi ba si V na din nag sabi na ayaw niya ng showbiz? Tapos mag da date siya ng media? Kaya hindi din nag make sense sa kin yung mga tsimis na sila na ni G eh.

  9. Wala bang fine if magpark ka sa parking space for PWD?

  10. Pwedeng si R nga kahit may gf sya, unattached pa rin kasi hindi pa naman sya married.



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