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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Delayed Settlement

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Realizing missing someone close can be very frustrating, especially if circumstances of the separation were full of pain. Words can cut deep and leave an imprint that can be hard to overcome.

When Controlling Personality (CP) had an opportunity, she reached out to Showbiz Insider (SI) to ask about her Banished Relation (BR). Much time has passed and CP has not heard much about BR and only gets stories about her indirectly. SI reminded CP that she was the one who decided the fate of BR and even instructed for security personnel to ensure BR keeps away from her. CP was unable to reply, but after a few minutes used her relation card to insist her connection. SI assured CP that he will inform BR of her message.

The talk then moved to an important matter that SI had to raise sooner or later. SI informed CP of financial matters that had to be settled. SI advised CP to already give in to the request of BR to avoid legal proceedings. CP allegedly agreed on the matter of cash, but as to fixed assets, such as the many buildings of BR, CP asked for more time.

CP then requested for SI to set a meeting with BR, but only with her and no one else. SI then relayed the request to BR. Initially, BR thought the idea was good, but then, she hesitated and questioned the sincerity. Although the meeting was positive news for BR, she could not help but feel disappointed that CP did not want to meet the Other Party (OP). BR wants OP to know whatever she and CP will talk about.

However, BR raised the idea to SI that CP might again be scheming. Once CP gives the money, BR fears she might start another war. BR is familiar with the cycle of argument and reconciliation style of CP. CP will exhaust all means to win back BR and promise to understand her. However, BR’s experiences have made her learn CP’s style and she refuses to be trapped again. Thus, this time, BR has decided to mind her own life.

When SI relayed the response of BR to CP, he sanitized the version. SI said that BR needs space and might not yet be ready to meet. He did not include the part about BR’s frustrations, as he did not want to widen the gap between CP and BR anymore.

‘Be so focused on being happy, improving yourself and being better than the person you were yesterday that you hardly realize what’s going on with other people around you... In short..., MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.’ ― Dru Edmund Kucherera

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  1. D -CP, V - SI, S- BR

  2. CP is D; BR is S; SI is V and OP is M. Hula ko lang. kung mali ang mangopya bokya rin.

    1. I checked your answers - you get A+

  3. Cp-D

  4. i think BR knows how scheming and manipulative CP is. I will just leave it to the lawyers because I bet, CP is only after the money.

  5. I'm so happy that S is finally standing up for what she's owed and for the happiness that she deserves.

  6. Buti nalang mabait si SI , may kakampi si bR

  7. Natuto na talaga si BR

  8. Tama yan BR wag ng magpa-uto pa kay CP.

  9. what a scheming hag CP is. BR is willing to settle for half of everything she worked for. That is more than generous. She wants to meet BR alone so she can terrorize her. Well, BR should at least have a lawyer with her because CP is a cheat

  10. BR should bring OP when she meets CP. She needs to bring a lawyer too para pirmahan agad. Wala ng scheming and emotional blackmail na mangyayari

  11. CP = D
    SI = V
    BR = S
    OP = M

    CP brought it upon herself, ngayon nya narerealize na walang value ang pera/materyal na bagay kung hindi ka masaya kapiling ang mga mahal sa buhay.

  12. Kung money matters ang issue ng meeting, dapat may lawyer si BR-S na kasama palagi with or without OP-M. Cunning and manipulative si CP- D. Mahirap na...

  13. I believe mas gusto ni BR na nandyan si OP kasi he gives her more courage. Besides, she is no longer facing these big issues alone since katuwang na niya si OP sa lahat ng bagay. Ideally, dapat may lawyer ring kasama para hindi basta-basta na mag-impose si CP ng gusto niya at gumawa na naman ng kwento if ayaw niya ang outcome.

  14. Buti na lang natuto na si BR. Enough is enough is enough

  15. it's important to settle everything legally lalo na when assets/properties are involved. BR don't ever meet with CP alone make sure you have SI and OP with you when meeting with CP. If you're discussing financial matters make sure you have a lawyer present too. Kahit family pa kayo its good practice to settle financial matters legally.

  16. im so happy for you BR, you're free and can make decision for yourself.

    CP - gahaman ka pa rin at hindi mo maalis ang pagiging control freak mo kay BR.

  17. Dapat kasama si OP para hindi talaga masaktan o kahit galawin ni CP si BR.



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