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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Replacement Again

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Over the years, controversy has hounded the professional and personal life of Award-winning Actor (AA). AA has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time and throughout the years, he has grown in terms of acting and showing his other talents. Thus, AA won the hearts of fans because of his charm and in front of the camera, sincerity seems to reverberate.

Other than fans, AA has endeared himself to many women. Although he has settled a couple of times, most of his relationships have been controversial. Given his length of time in the industry, his life seemed to be an open book that curious kibitzers love to scrutinize. Even if AA hardly talks about his women, sometimes, the ones that break away from him are forced to talk via interviews of social media posts. AA, by contrast, opts to be unresponsive.

After his fans thought that AA finally found a woman that has made his heart still, social media is abuzz after a photo surfaced with him and a woman who was once linked to him again. Pretty Woman (PW) and AA were thought to be an item, as he was seen with her in various photos. As she is based overseas, however, nothing much was confirmed if they were together. Besides, AA was with Good-looking Female (GF), and together, they have made a family.

That time, when GF found out about AA and PW, she launched her attack in her own way. The posts indicated that she was indeed aware of PW and AA. Fast forward to more than a year later, the recent photo projects a happy AA with PW. With the couple showing happiness, the conclusion might be that AA never heeded the post of GF. Moreover, if AA still entertained PW, then where would GF be in this configuration and has she been replaced?

‘We are all here for a blink. Life changes in a blink. We fall in love, sometimes, in a blink.’ ― Katy Evans

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  1. Replies
    1. Maybe not. Based overseas daw si PW.

    2. Baks he has settled twice na daw. Iba yan.

    3. Baks, sinong C? If you're saying C ng umay serye, it says they built a family... May family na ba sya? Waley pa dabaaa?

    4. C na older not the younger C from kaF

    5. Read read read then comprehend.

  2. AA - J
    GF - J

    The who si PW? Ano ba goal ni AA, magkaroon ng maraming panganay?

  3. Sino ung woman na based overseas???

  4. Haynaku naman din tong si PW...

  5. Sana hindi si C, J at Y nanaman ito. Disappointed ako kay C kasi bakit parang asang asa parin si J. Parang confused nga si J kung ano ba siya sa buhay ni C. Hindi deserve ni girl ito.

    1. I think its you that confused not J. You want the way you think not what J happiness.

  6. AA - J
    GF - E

    Sino si PW?

  7. hindi sila C, J at Y yan kasi sabi sa Blind item, naka-based daw overseas yung girl.

  8. J and E hindi ko mahulaan sino yung nasa overseas

  9. AA- C
    PW- Y
    GF- J



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