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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Getting a Reality Check

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Enterprising celebrities allegedly took advantage of the recent event to earn a few bucks, so to speak. Knowing that various citizens would be coming over, business opportunities were up for grabs. The situation was bound to be lucrative if celebrities knew how.

Well, Presumed Successor (PS) knew how to work things over, given that she herself has allegedly had her own fair share of such experience of getting quick money for a few hours of work. While she used to be the one presented, this time, PS had to assume the duties, as Original Manager (OM) could not make the date. OM is such an impressive negotiator and many female personalities owe her for being a good bridge. However, she had to pass on the duties to PS for now.

PS assembled her team of two female personalities and because of her connections, she found out where the best clients were billeted. PS got to work and introduced her ward. After a few drinks, negotiations ensued. Then, the Major Head (MH) came out and saw PS. He recognized her as someone who gave him much pleasure sometime ago. PS was flattered. MH left and went to his room. Soon, the two found clients and PS was left lounging on the sofa.

PS, despite the years, still looks radiant and carries herself well. While sitting on the sofa, PS was very conscious to project herself, hoping that she would get noticed. After all, MH had not made his choice. After a few minutes, An Aid (AA) came out and told PS that MH was looking for the two female companions. PS said that they were already busy, but she’s available. AA left.

Hopeful, PS was all smiles when AA came out. As AA approached, PS was getting excited of the possibility of getting her own business. Alas, AA said to her that MH was not interested in her, as he had already tasted her and she was now too old for him. PS kept her poise and tried to look unaffected. So, she stayed at the lobby and waited for the two. However, like OM, business is business for PS. As soon as the two were done with their bookings, PS got her commission and all were happy.

‘Truth is only harsh if you're unable to face it.’ ― Stewart Stafford

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  1. Si R. Char! Haha!

    1. Sino kaya yun dalawa na kasama ni PS?

  2. Replies
    1. AA - of course alalay ni MH. Identity is not important.

  3. Ang hirap naman. Sinong r? Si r na kilala ko matanda na at mataba..mukhang d na mabenta yun

  4. Sino 'to, di ko mahulaan ang hirap ah, iilan lang nman ang R sa showbiz e

  5. High class boogaloo!

  6. sino kaya yun 2 nyang naka booked lol

  7. Sino kaya yung 2 female personalities na kasama ni Ps.

  8. Naks big time talaga. Curious about who the personalities are

  9. Matagal nang nachichismis na ganyan si R nasa kabilang istasyon pa sya



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