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Friday, December 20, 2019

Ceased Projects

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The pressure faced by celebrities can be very heavy. Not only do they face personal issues daily, they still have to deal with professional matters as well. For celebrities whose lifestyles depend on their showbiz income solely, they are much aware of the cliché that one is only as good as his/her last project. With audiences becoming picky and raising standards, many celebrities have lost careers.

Lucky are celebrities who are given another chance to redeem themselves. Usually, when a network talent leaves his/her network for new management, going back is a hard pill to swallow. Economic needs, however, suddenly realizes loyalty. Soon, Award-winning Personality (AP) had to swallow her bitter pill.

With her competent showing at the height of her career with her home network, AP only heaped praises from co-workers and critics alike. AP had the makings of the next big star then and the network knew the potential of AP. Somewhere along the way, AP decided to pack up her bags and move on.

During the succeeding months, AP had good projects, but then, things turned sour and no one could pinpoint where AP made a wrong turn. Thus, she became problematic and her co-workers could not return the accolades anymore.

Despite her troubles, AP managed to return to her former home and the heads took pity on her. Thus, they gave her another chance to prove herself worthy. Her projects were big in terms of scope, as fans were eager to see AP. Bigger scope means bigger risks, and soon, the heads started to doubt if AP could be trusted.

Time passed and none of the promised projects started. Allegedly, the deal was that AP had to shape up for her project to push through and if she becomes the cause of delay or any other problem on the set, she would lose everything. Apparently, AP has been triggered again. Personal events took a toll on her and the management could not rush her to make any project. So, rather than risk a huge investment, projects with AP were shelved, as fears concerning her mental health reached the big bosses.

‘Never preoccupy your mind constantly on a problem for more than certain period of time. Always find a solution to overcome the challenge and move on.’ ― Saaif Alam

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  1. Replies
    1. wrong! wala syang shelved na project!

    2. There were many plan for her comeback but all had been set aside due to her physical and personal problems. She was a big problem before in the network, a prima donna.

    3. Si C din naisip ko eh... pero diba parang may niluluto yatang project sa kanya yung network a few months back?

  2. A? na A rin ang k.

  3. sino itech? binasa ko ng tatlong beses hindi ko pa rin magetsung

  4. AW - C.

    So KaF->KaH->KaF.

    award winning, need to "shaped up" and she became problematic.

  5. Naiisip ko si C, pero “AP had the makings of the next big star then and the network knew the potential of AP. Somewhere along the way, AP decided to pack up her bags and move on.” let’s admit she was the “big” star during her time... kaya parang hindi siya

    1. yes contradicting nga klasm8 nung time nia kc cia ang reyna tlg

  6. Hope she gets better and back on her feet soon.



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