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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Can’t Be Too Dependent

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The dependence on a strictly-prescription drug has reached a very high level in the life of Volatile Actress (VA). Sometime ago, VA was prescribed the drug for a health reason, but taking it has made her dependent. Thus, when she ran out, she had to take action.

VA has always been subject of rumors concerning her alleged dependence on certain substances. However, VA has kept mum about it, but changes in her physical state are interpreted as the result of taking too many meds. Kibitzers are quick to point out that the alleged dependence has affected her work and has kept her career stagnant. Moreover, malicious rumors even say that substances might have already affected her thinking.

When the day came and VA realized that she ran out her meds, she rushed to a drugstore and asked for it. The clerk on duty asked for a prescription, which was protocol for such drug, which is used to treat psychological issues. Instead of showing a prescription, VA asked the clerk if she does not look familiar at all. Then, she said that she’s famous and has political connections, and those reasons are enough for the pharmacy to sell her the meds she needs. The clerk was not moved.

VA had no choice, but to get and show her prescription. The clerk looked at the paper and said that the number has already been dispensed. She should get another prescription if she wants to buy the meds. VA started becoming hysterical and people’s attention were caught. As soon as VA noticed people were taking videos, she lashed at them and said that they are invading her privacy and she will sue them. Thus, the onlookers stopped and let her be. VA continued with her rant, but the clerk stood ground on having a valid prescription. VA left.   

Prescriptions usually indicate the dosage of the drugs listed. Thus, VA would have a hard time explaining to her doctor why she would need a new one. Allegedly, VA was double-dosing on the meds, which explained why she consumed her stock quickly. Without a valid prescription, no pharmacy in the city would sell the meds to her. Thus, VA would go to the rural areas, but she can only buy the meds in a small amount, as she has no prescription. She also cannot ask a driver to buy the meds for her, as she has to do it herself. However, going outside the city can be tiring for VA. These days, VA has been needy and believes that only her meds can balance her normalcy.

‘The mentality and behavior of drug addicts and alcoholics is wholly irrational until you understand that they are completely powerless over their addiction and unless they have structured help, they have no hope.’ ― Russell Brand

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  1. Replies
    1. Sya din iniisip ko. Kaya ganun na sya magsalita :(

    2. Clues please! Di ko gets.

    3. No! She’s not a stagnant actress. She rested lang.

  2. VA - C. Good job clerk kahit inaway ka pa. :)

  3. VA - C
    I feel sorry for the clerk tho. She's just doing the right thing.

  4. Who is M, who is C? Pls more clues.

  5. C or M? Pareho eh. Take your proper medication sis

    1. Pero sobrang iba na kasi yung way ng speech ni M halatang-halatang hindi na normal

  6. Sino si c. Clue pls

  7. This is M. Not C.

  8. Ang tanda na ganyan pa rin si M?

  9. I don't think this is C. She seems ok naman but it can be deceiving too. If this is her (or kagit sino pa man siya) I hope someone will genuinely looks after her health, physically and mentally.

  10. I know M, but who is C?

  11. This is C. I was there during the commotion. Tiklop lahat kami na naki usyoso



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