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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Another Playtime

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Labelling a celebrity can mean his/her success or failure in the industry. Some titles are embraced and used to propel a personality into fame. By contrast, certain tags can make a personality uncomfortable and defensive. At this age of calling out events, persons, posts, and comments, almost anything under the sun can be given so much attention. One of these tags that would make a talent react in diverse ways is “gay.”

Although homosexuality is accepted by many sectors, coming out is another issue as far as celebrities are concerned. Local talents are expected to conform with society’s image, which means denying one’s self. While a handful of celebrities have come out, the risk was quite high. Many lost most gains in his/her career and took much time to be accepted again. Still, a number chose to be private.

Ever since Cute Talent (CT) had photos and videos of his private moments come out and tagged as “scandals,” questions on his sexuality seemed unstoppable. Thus, when asked about rumors on his sexuality, CT would just shrug off the questions and comments, and move on. After which, some netizens would already interpret the posts of CT, and he would just call them his bashers.

However, rumors on the sexuality of CT refuse to die down and another one is making its way into the grapevine. Allegedly, CT’s latest partner is a wannabee from a talent search. Like CT, Assumed Boyfriend (AB) also has his own scandal, which was made before he entered showbiz. However, in his press appearances, AB has distanced himself from the said scandal and thanked his handlers for seeking the truth.

Seeing CT and AB together would not create much connection, unless someone knows their similarity other than allegedly having the same location for certain photos and working out together in the gym.

“He was both everything I could ever want…And nothing I could ever have…” ― Ranata Suzuki

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  1. CT - A (inactive KaF)
    AB is hindi ko alam.

  2. CT- P?
    AB- S?

    Not sure though

  3. Si A na laging topless sa mga pics nya at si J na bata pa galing sa isang nshow. Amoy na amoy cla sa totoo lang

    1. Si J yung sa KaH ba? Sya crush ko sa B.

  4. CT - A na suki ng rumors
    AB - J na baguhan



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