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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Disregard the Bashing

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The bashing continues for the young couple, whose careers have grown since the time the management saw their chemistry. While Young Actress (YA) never really targeted Partner Celebrity (PC), it was the former who showed interest in her. As YA entered the entertainment industry to elevate her family’s standing, delving into love is not a priority. Nonetheless, fans loved YA and PC together. The network pursued the team-up and the two are now among the hottest reel love teams.

With fame comes bashers. Most celebrities tolerate bashing coming mostly from dummy or fake accounts. Besides, the belief is that one is already famous if one has bashers. One hate message accused PC of merely using YA to become famous. Another claimed his sweetness toward YA is scripted and insincere. However, PC had enough when his family was being dragged in made-up stories. The post claimed that his family members are forcing PC to fall in love with YA for the sake of his career.

Finally, PC asked help to trace the bashers, as he wanted to know the reason behind the hate directed to him on social media. He was not surprised at the result. Allegedly, the bashers were known fans of a Network Talent (NT), who was among the disappointed when PC set her aside in favor of YA.

PC informed YA of his discovery. The two informed their handler about what they found out. Unexpectedly, their hander, instead of raising furor, advised them to keep quiet and ignore the bashing as well as the persistence of the alleged fans of NT.  

‘When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper; They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.’ -Chris Colfer

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  1. Replies
    1. Cleaner me today!!! Kainis

    2. Hindi naman Actress si M so hindi sya.

  2. YA - M
    PC - E
    NT - K

  3. Grabe K for kontrabida ka talaga ha ha

  4. Sobra na itong inggiterang K at mga fans nya pati ba si E sinisiraan nyo. Kapit lang M and E.

  5. YA - J
    PC - J
    NT - L

  6. YA=J PC=J NT=L KaF submit your papers finished or not finished

  7. May mga tao talagang dahil di kayang maiangat ang sarili, kc HINDE sila BUILT/MEANT kung saan sila ngayon, ay hinihila nila ang ibang tao pababa para sila ang nagmumukhang naka angat.

    Sa mga tao naman na nag totolerate, they are as guilty as them. Sadly, some don't have a choice but to 🤐.

  8. Hala sino ito? Pakopya naman!!!

  9. Mayaman si koya mo. Aang mahal kaya to hire a security specialist.

    1. Peace of mind and being secured are priceless.

  10. grabe wag naman po yung idamay pa pati yung family ni E

  11. Ya - L
    Pc -R
    Nt - S



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