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Friday, July 26, 2019

Cheap Attitude

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Eager Newbie (EN) suddenly turned into fan mode upon seeing Respected Personality (RP) at an event. While the two are together in the same project, seeing RP was a dream come true for EN, much more was the possibility of working close to her. During the event, people from the production and the press were fussing over RP. The moment was also their chance to make sure that RP would be pleased at her new role. After all, RP is one of the most sought-after personalities in the industry.

Because she could not resist, EN had to make a scene. EN approached the group with RP and blurted her thought while RP was talking to the group. EN expressed her desire to be among the personalities who have recreated a scene from a film. Her comment shifted attention to her, and RP was caught off-guard. As laughter ensued, RP was teased to give EN what she wanted. However, RP knows how to handle such situation and politely said that another time would be more appropriate.

After the event, RP called for the Person-in-Charge (PC) and asked who was that gutsy unknown person who had the nerve to join her party. PC apologized and explained that EN was among the new talents the network was building up. RP then said to PC that such newbies should be taught manners and not just approach any senior celebrity and join in. In the case of EN, she was not even properly introduced to RP. Besides, to be in a scene with RP means one has earned his/her space and she will not just give that honor to anyone. Moreover, RP said that she should not be used for such gimmick, as she knows that EN’s dream might be picked up by the press who were there.

PC kept quiet and listened. RP was not yet done. She told PC to tell EN not to resort to any stunt that involves her. Who knows, the next time EN does anything similar to RP, she might be banished from their project.

EN was a fast learner and has learned to stay clear of RP, so as not to created any awkward scenes. After all, EN knows that young talents, like her, are many and if she keeps her fresh attitude, she might just end up turning off more seasoned celebrities.

‘The best clay to shape your life is your character not the talent.’ - Oscar Auliq-Ice

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  1. RP - C EN - K Is this them? Pero C adores K. Tuwang tuwa siya kay K.

  2. RP - C show - S di ko knows si newbie

  3. C and K. They are in the same ahow but different medium.

  4. C and K. They are in the same show but different medium. K as in the younger K na nag guest sa show.

  5. Huhu row 4 :( more clues please!

  6. RP - A
    EN - K being d sipsip that she is

  7. Hula lang: EN - K RP - C Project - S

  8. This is C & K, ang oa naman kasi ni K. nakakairita talaga sya.

  9. Hula ko lang
    Parang siya kasi hilig nyang mag interrupt pag may nagsasalita kahit di sya ang tinatanong sya ang sumasagot



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