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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Mistaken Conceived Notions

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Companies have often relied on celebrities to endorse their products to increase the awareness and patronage of the public. Only celebrities that these companies believe embody their vision are offered hefty packages to ensure acceptance. On the one hand, some celebrities accept endorsements for the sake of the money and exposure. On the other hand, certain celebrities rely more on their principles and agree to be the face of products they actually consume or believe in.

Over the years, this group of celebrities have proven to be effective endorsers of a Certain Product (CP). The Group (TG) has also grown with the development of the product itself and the corresponding company. Moreover, CP has been supportive of the personal and non-personal endeavors of TG.

One time, TG was going to shoot an ad for CP. Initially, the Production Team (PT) was a bit jittery as the shoot included the Younger Generation (YG). Similarly, YG has also been synonymous with CP. PT expected YG to be a handful as they are quite familiar with the system. Moreover, the crew thought YG would be brats and give them a hard time during the shoot.

The fears of PT did not materialize at all. YG was easy to work with and behaved throughout the shoot. However, what surprised PT was the distant attitude of the Older Ones (OO). In one of the lulls, OO called the attention of YG for touching CP prior to the shoot. YG was just curious, but that did not sit well with OO. Except for such incident the shoot went on smoothly.  

‘You can control two things: your work ethic and your attitude about anything.’ – Ali Krieger

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. On air naba yung endorsement? Sino kaya tong mga ito? Karamihan kasi ng ine-air na commercial ngayon e yung kay S. Sya yung 1st quater pa lang ng taon e dami na nya agad naglabasan na endorsement.

  3. Sino kaya ang groups na involved? I don't have a clue. Mga klasmeyts na mukhang maaga natulog, pag gising nyo spill the clues.

  4. Hula lang... OG - C and Z

    1. Hula ko Yung Isa...OG: M & C

    2. Yup yan din hula ko. C and Z with their offsprings

    3. Hindi ba yung isang family ang may new commercial?

  5. hay nahirapan ako sa BI, ano ito mga showbiz new generation ba ito, na may mga kapamilyang showbiz?

  6. It’s either hair or skin products

  7. dali...ewan ko b why need ng magarbong photoshoot eh i love the product kahit walang endorser haha.

  8. Either C and Z or A and C

  9. C and D..brats daw eh.



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