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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Wrong Deal

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When reality hits that no one wants your services as an actor or your prowess as a lover, you need to humble yourself and not be choosy with opportunities that would come your way. During these times when his career is no longer as lucrative, Former Heartthrob (FH) had to accept a deal from a company that makes bags. The offer was still going to give him a bit to alleviate his financial situation.

The deal was to endorse the products via a photoshoot that would be featured on social media, tarps, and posters. Immediately, FH was paid in full. In addition, the management gave him some products that he could sell or give as gifts without asking payment. The transaction was over and FH received more than what he was offered. After a few weeks, FH came by the company and asked if he could be given some more products for his relatives and friends to endorse with their social media accounts. The management agreed.

Later, FH returned and requested for more products. He said that he will be giving the products at an event of a charity organization. His pitch was that the gesture would be good for the CSR image of the company. The owner asked the name of the organization and FH dropped a name.

What FH did not know was that the owner is a good friend of one of the officials of the charity organization. The owner called the official and said that FH would be bringing products to their event. The official said that their event was already done a few days ago. No FH and bags came.

Much to the disappointment of the owner, an investigation was conducted. The owner found out that all the products FH requested were being sold by his friend. Instead of allowing anger toward FH to prevail, compassion filled the owner’s heart and just FH be. However, FH was no longer allowed to pull out any product. Worse, his contracts were terminated and all the materials from his photoshoot were removed.

‘Goodness is something people take advantage of, and if you want to remain a good person for long, you should make sure that too many people don't take advantage of you because then you turn bitter.’ - Varun Dhawan

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  1. si d? yung tuluyan nang nawala sa tv na kasabayan nila p?

  2. D? Iyong looks lang talaga, bano umarte?

  3. D
    I wonder what company ang ginancho nya

  4. mga baks cnong D?

  5. Replies
    1. Tama. Nakalimutan mo s K tho.

  6. Sinong D yan and anong age bracket? Ang giraffe mga teh. More clues pa po please. Si D na ka-loveteam ni K yung nasa isip ko mygosh.

  7. Wow yung pinalayas ng gf after makita da Cctv na sya pala kumukupit. Model ng bags? Bakit kase sya haha. D rin naisip ko

  8. patay na career there

  9. KaF o KaH? Clues pa classmates.

    1. Ka-F to Baks. Kaya lang ala ng career kaya kung anetch-anetch nalang ang pinapasukan para mamaintain ang lifestyle.

  10. kklk! why not ask for a discount na lang di ba? bakir gusto mo pa eh libre. sinu D ito mga baks? ung trophy bf na to?

  11. D n sikat dti way back kopong kopong haha

  12. FH - W na ex lab team ni J

  13. anong brand ng bag para ma google ko lol I have a feeling na this is D



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