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Friday, January 25, 2019

Making a Good Lead

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A simple lapse can change the course of one’s confidence. In other words, success can be taken away in a snap because one does not know how to value achievement. One hit or even a string of hits can all be wiped out by just one scandal or a major error. The public loves scandals and thus, one incident can make or break a celebrity despite his/her achievements.

Usually, when a talent runs into trouble, the management would try its best to rectify any error. However, if the mistake would affect the reputation of the management, cautious actions are done and usually, the road of silence is taken. In the case of Network Talent (NT), Influential Insider (II) had to advice NT on how to solve the predicament he got himself into. II said to let the issue die down and then post a message that he made. Immediate reactions are often emotional and instead of sounding sincere, good intentions will always be misinterpreted as emotions are still high. Moreover, II has a better perspective of how to handle such matters. NT followed II’s advice to let a few days pass, but there was a major problem.

Prior to NT’s implementing the advice, II saw stories that NT was with Travel Buddy (TB). II was not informed of the presence of TB in the life of NT. II did his research and found out that the two have a special kind of relationship, that is, they can be intimate without commitment. Such story was confirmed by Another Talent (AT), who allegedly exaggerated the stories about NT to infuriate II. AT was successful, as II became jealous. Consequently, II told NT that he is on his own and he, II, will no longer help him. Even TB’s career might be affected given that II has strong influence.

With NT out of the picture, AT now has the full attention of II. Although AT already has a name, he still needs someone to ensure that he gets good roles in the network. Being the pet of II would ensure him of such career path. He’s just getting back his old position with II, which NT occupied earlier.

NT, meanwhile, was not going to let all his work go to waste. So, he used his contacts to establish ties with Powerful Personality (PP). NT knows how to play the game and he knew he had to charm his way to PP. This time, he made sure he was backed up by someone who can give him projects and get him better roles. NT hopes that PP will make him the next big network talent.

‘Nature is at work. Character and destiny are her handiwork. She gives us love and hate, jealousy, and reverence. All that is ours is the power to choose which impulse we shall follow.’ – David Seabury

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  1. Is this T? not sure sa ibang characters ng storyang itey.

  2. Puro boylet ba cast of character dito ?

  3. X at ang kanyang sidelines #sharot

  4. Si T lang din ang naiisip ko eh. Siya lang kasi ang talent na alam ko na nagkaron ng malaking issue. Kung siya nga yun oh well buti nga sa kanya.

  5. Replies
    1. Yessss si M din naisip ko sa AT kasi sya yung pwedeng pumalit sa nasimulan ni T na image and actually nag kakaingay na nga si M.

  6. P the untouchable

  7. NT - T TB - A. Sino kaya si II at P? At sino si AT ?

  8. NT is T, TB is the "friend" na hindi ko ma-recall ang namesung at tinatamad akong i-google (starlet levels naman) at the rest, malamang e mga big names ng ka-f. Si AT ay isa pang da who.

  9. NT-T

  10. NT - T
    TB - A
    AT - J
    II - D
    PP - ?

  11. NT- T
    TB- M

    Hmm seems like T will do whatever and whoever to get to the top. Problem is it doesn’t matter if his backers get him good projects cuz he has zeroooo mass appeal.

  12. NT - T TB - A II - D PP - J AT - V



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