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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Must Control Their Behavior

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In local showbiz, very few celebrity parents have managed to shield their children from the public eye. Usually, when parents are famous people, the expectation is for them to present to the audience their children. Lucky are those kids who are not introduced, as they have more leeway to behave and act like normal kids. By contrast, the actions of celebrity kids are watched and guarded by ordinary citizens.

Once upon a time, a couple decided to hide their children from the public. While the public was curious, the celebrity parents thought it was best to keep their children away from the limelight. The celebrity parents were right, as the kids had quiet and private formative years. However, as celebrities and to avoid unauthorized photos of their kids, the celebrity parents waited for the right time to present them to the public. By that time, the kids were welcomed and praised.

The decision had to be made on whether the kids will live a private or a public life. Although they seem to lean toward the path of their parents, the kids are moving at their own pace. One thing that the kids might have forgotten is that once they start appearing in media, their actions will be watched and judged by people who are in the same places as they are.

For example, customers at a restaurant at a high-end shopping area were bothered when celebrity kids started behaving like they and their friends were the only ones at the place. Their laughter and chatter were boisterous, which made the customers annoyed. At a certain point, they were even screaming out of excitement. People were already staring at them, but they still did not settle down. While others will reason out that kids will be kids, they are already in their teens and are expected to act like adults. Unfortunately, their parents were not around, which could explain why the kids were not behaving well in public. Perhaps, their celebrity parents should remind them that as public figures, they are expected to lead by positive example and not earn negative points. The celebrity parents are proud of how they raised their kids, but the said incident might embarrass them had they witnessed such rowdy behavior.

‘Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.’ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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  1. Replies
    1. "kids" daw teh. My goodness nagbasa ka ba? Hahaha

  2. Replies
    1. Nope, hindi sila pinagsshowbiz.

    2. wrong ka teh. "
      Although they seem to lean toward the path of their parents" low profile lang sila hanggang endorsements lang sila.

  3. I think not M and C. Never naman silang itinago sa public ng parents nila.Maliliit pa lang kasama na sila sa mga shows. Pwede pang A and A kasi teens na sila ng maging active in public

    1. A and A never nman silang inintroduce sa public unlike M and C na parang magfufulltime artista na talaga. Tsaka A and A parang wlang hilig.

  4. Ganyan naman mga teens, we'd been there naman din.

  5. Tingin ko si I to. Nanay na di tumatanda tas nung pinalabas ang isang anak tapos ni stalk ko ang anak naku parang walang breeding ang mga post

  6. Kids/children ang sinabi ni FP, assuming agad na t?



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