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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Valuing Possibilities

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Whenever two celebrities are hanging around together or seen outside of their networks having fun, observes cannot help but think that something might be brewing between the two. Sometime ago, Female Talent (FT) and Network Protégé (NP) were often spotted together and were quite chummy with each other. At that time, FT was just coming from a failed relationship, while NP had to reflect on his life’s priorities and the dangers of his chosen lifestyle. When asked if they were together, the two denied anything special was between them.

Months later, the two are still close as ever prompting speculations that something could indeed be happening. For example, NP is seen in gigs of FT showing his support. Such gesture does send mixed signals to their followers. Observers think that one factor might be making the two a bit hesitant to admit if something is indeed happening. Although both are single, age is speculated to be making the two awkward. FT is older and is assumed to be more mature than NP. Moreover, NP is a relatively newcomer in the industry, who has no established connections that could influence his career. By contrast, FT has a strong network who is supportive of her career. Despite this network, FT is under pressure to make a name for herself by continuing to prove the family legacy.

Regardless of their status, the two seem to be enjoying the moment and fans wait for the two to collaborate on a creative project to show that their friendship can indeed be productive.

‘You learn something valuable from all of the significant events and people, but you never touch your true potential until you challenge yourself to go beyond imposed limitations.’ ― Roy T. Bennett

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  1. Replies
    1. FT daw is older than NP and when i checked their age isang taon lang ang agwat nila sa isa't isa at mas matanda yung NP. So wrong ang hula mo day!

    2. 2:34, you're probably a freshie here, yan si 2:18 K X lang palagi ang hula nya sa almost of the BI here. Yung mga seniors dito di na sya pinapatulan.

    3. ano kaba malay mo tumama sya kaka K and X nya lol!

    4. Malay nyo si k and x nga lol

  2. J and M? This J can sing and act, right?

  3. Replies
    1. Not J and M, NP-M is older than FT-J contrary to what was stated in the BI. Also, NP is no longer a "newbie" and has his own connections. This is FT-K of KaF, I have no idea who is NP though.

    2. clue pleaseeeeeee :(

  4. K of KaF and D of KaH. Malaking pasabog ito.



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