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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Smart Girl

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Whenever people are amazed at how much Businesswoman Actress (BA) has, they are met with questions on how she managed to accumulate so much in a short time. Although BA has been acting for a time, the duration of her career vis-à-vis her investments seems too short. However, BA remains unfazed given that she hardly posts any expensive collection of high-end bags and shoes, which seems to be a source of status among celebrities. Hardly is BA seem displaying affluence in her social media. So, how did BA manage to be better off than her peers.

Rumors have it that BA was among the favorites of Generous Host (GH) for his clients. BA allegedly commands seven million figures just to be with the guests of GH. She is a favorite, which is why GH would often offer her jobs. Despite having boyfriends then, BA was connected with GH and his clients. Here’s the smart part. Rather than spend without direction, BA started to learn from handling finances by observing GH. GH is a popular figure in his field and is known for his business sense.

Thus, BA went back to her roots and started investing in her hometown. Allegedly, she bought the farm where her family used to work and built a mansion for them as well. Then, she had buildings for rent put up. Her business sense assured her of a comfortable future and it seems she can leave her career any time she wants. She will not do that, of course, as her career is peaking. Moreover, her personal life is shining brightly. As far as her connection with GH is concerned, she left after an incident with a client that was too physically risky.

‘Great investors need to have the right combination of intuition, business sense and investment talent.’ - Andrew Lo

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  1. Replies
    1. Same answer here. Grabe ha, she can “command” that much?

    2. Clues kay S please?

  2. Is this k? Young star

  3. Who is E? Kaf or kah?

  4. Good for her to realize early on that looks fade, and money from that kind of "job" should be used as nest egg. Bags, shoes with luxury labels won't feed you or shelter you. Investments with steady income is the way to go.

    1. good for her talaga at practical sya. i would do the same as her if kaya ko lang magkatf ng 7 figures kahit pila balde pa hahaha....

  5. This is definitely N!

  6. Easy peasy. S and W

  7. Parang si E of KaF

  8. BA is E of Kaf. GH is M of KaH. Yun na! Pak! Summa cum laude na meeeee hahahaha. Ang province is.. basta. Sobrang dami na ng clue ko! Hahahaha

  9. Y of ka-F. Sure na.

  10. E of Kaf is too young for "the job". Iba itong BI at di ko maget kung sino.



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