Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Looking at Advantages

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As the cliché goes, there are no permanent enemies, just interests. An enemy today will be a friend tomorrow and, in some cases, the reverse could happen. Simply put, a person who is ignored in the past can become useful in the future. When Major Achiever (MA) decided to participate in a huge event sometime ago, Go-Getter Volunteer (GV) said she wanted to do her share to assist MA. However, at that time, GV’s offer was rejected, as she had done a provocative project and the camp of MA believed such image would ruin the line-up of MA. So, GV stayed at the sides and wished MA well.

Time flies and this time, MA is almost in the same situation. Between then and now, GV has moved on and has gained so much as an actress. She has matured and eventually shrugged off the sexy image. She has even earned recognition from various organizations. This time, the camp of MA decided to make GV useful. After all, GV has always wanted to be part of MA’s team, so now, she’s openly accepted.

To assure her achieving, MA must work harder, as the people’s perception has changed. When she was mostly admired when she was starting, her reputation became that of someone who plays safe when it comes to critical issues. Instead of showing fire, MA would rather approach issues subtly and most often, not go against the norm, to avoid controversy. Much help is needed to assure that MA has a better image and the way to reach that goal is to make GV part of her team.

When there used to be hate and awkwardness, GV is now visibly part of major celebrations on the part of MA. What was surprising is that it’s not MA who has personally called GV to ask for help. No other than a well-respected figure took time to invite GV. Photos of GV with MA and GV showing involvement in MA’s undertakings are already in social media. Forgiveness and recognition seem to be part of the image that MA is trying to project. Hopefully, by projecting an inclusive image with GV as the main lead, followers will forget MA’s sanitized reactions toward issues. 

“For a sane person to sincerely be happy that someone has succeeded, they have to either be profiting or likely to profit from that person’s success, or be that person.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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  1. kanina pa ako naghihintay sa mga scholars. asan na kayo mga besh!

  2. MA - G GV-L na KaH

  3. Abangers sa magpapakopya ang hirap namen ng bi

  4. ang hirap ah, di ko mahulaan

  5. MA - G
    GV - L
    Oportunista talaga yang si MA. Playing safe lagi sa issues.

  6. After 20 years nagets ko na haha. GV is L of kaH and MA is G. Magkaibang field sila.

  7. S & M. hindi ko alam na nagsexy pala si M nuon. alam ko drama and comedy lang

  8. Dami atang absent. Wala akong makopyahan.

  9. 1st honor!
    MA - G
    GV - L

  10. May idea ako pero dehins ako sure... will wait for the scholars na lang

  11. MA-G
    well respected figure- S

    1. Pak! Grabe pagdating talaga sa p sa atin, gagawin ang lahat makauto lamang. 🤣

  12. G and L din ang hula ko beshies...

    MA - flying high na P pero lie low ngayon
    GV - related kay MA

  13. I hate this. Have no clue. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. help! Wala talaga akong ideas
    napa google na ako pero wala parin haha
    More clues please..

  15. Oo nga more clues. Its really hard talaga, ng google na din ako pero waley din.huhuhu.. sino yang G and L??????

  16. MA-G
    GV-L <3
    well respected-S



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