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Friday, January 18, 2019

Be Conscious of Decorum

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Parties are often the most unsafe events for celebrities to go, especially if the public will be part of the crowd. Stolen shots of celebrities misbehaving might suddenly be uploaded in social media and the said celebrities might suddenly have something to answer for. However, these days, when celebrities host events, they are already smart enough to request guests to take it easy on taking and posting photos, especially if celebrity guests are involved.

While photos or videos might be unavailable to the public, stories of partygoers can go around word of mouth. With celebrities, their slightest behavior that contradicts their image can always be controversial.

In a private event that was attended by an exclusive set of guests comprising mostly of chosen young celebrities, guests noticed that beautiful Young Star (YS) seemed to behave differently that night. That is, YS seemed to have been let loose out of her cloistered life of taping and endorsing. YS probably flaunted what she has, got tipsy, and perhaps a bit rowdy, behavior that are typical if one knows she is in a safe event. However, for the adults in the same event, her behavior did not sit well. YS would just have to make sure that she behaves better, as her endorsements might be affected if she’s found out to be misbehaving.

Meanwhile, one of the hosts actually requested a guest to remove a photo taken during the event. The photo was already posted on the guest’s social media site, but the host told her to remove it. Blood, in this case, is thicker than water indeed.

‘That human behavior is more influenced by things outside of us than inside. The 'situation' is the external environment. The inner environment is genes, moral history, religious training.’ – Philip Zimbardo

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  1. B? Pero ano yun “ Blood, in this case, is thicker than water indeed” ???

  2. This is C of kaH

  3. J ka loveteam ni J

  4. C na may ganap recently

  5. YS is C
    One of the hosts - C din, older relation of C

    Tama ba?

    1. More clue/s classmate... Hehe

    2. Yan din hula ko. YS is C, host/relation is C, event is D.

  6. ah okie getsung ko na si C... pero party naman nila yon so wapakels na lang sa mga guests lol



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