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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Making Sure All Ends are Neatly Tied

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The campaign on illegal drugs has sent shivers to users and suppliers in past few months. However, the local entertainment industry has been on pins and needles because of the threat of publicly reading out a list of drug users and pushers. Whereas the list has been deemed as reliable, doubts have already been cast on the possible inclusion of certain showbiz personalities based on the previous experience of earlier lists that have been made public.

Adding to this worry is the arrest of various showbiz personalities who have been tagged as pushers. The authorities have been vocal that their list of showbiz users and pushers has been enriched by the information given by the arrested personalities. However, many well respected actors and actresses have called for the non-revelation of the list because such exposure might suddenly bring ruin to those personalities included. Groups have requested that they be the ones to discipline their ranks.

While the debate on whether to make public the list or not, several personalities had the initiative to undergo drug testing and post their negative results. Although these results have been met with skepticism, the posts appease fans and assure them that their idols are clean. Nonetheless, Creative Actor (CA) had some major cleaning up done in order not hide what he has allegedly been growing in a farm somewhere.

As CA could be considered among the more liberal minded actors, his views on certain topics are controversial, and thus, sometimes doubts are cast on his real personality. When it came to the war of drugs, the response of CA were twofold. First, he posted his results of a drug test, which was obviously a public means of showing that he is clean. Second, he ordered people to harvest his controversial plants. Not only were the products harvested, they were buried deep in the ground. Burning was out of the question, as the smoke would smell and catch attention of his neighbors. Such cleanup was done in case the police would conduct a spot-check. In addition, his team made sure that he would not be investigated at any given time. Thus, they had allegedly given a token to possible personalities who might involve CA in anything that has to do with the drug campaign.

‘Stop living the life with possibilities and probabilities, live the life with certainties.’― Amit Kalantri

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  1. Hmmm hirap! Sino sino ba yng mga nagpost ng drug results nila? Isa dun ang sagot.

  2. M of Kah? dating KaF?

  3. i think this is R? Kah?

  4. Guess lang D of KaH

  5. hindi ako nakareview pakopya mga klasmeyts!

  6. Hellur di nman ng post si E ng drug results.. bka ung J na naman yan.. Jusko

  7. T from kaF to kaH pero laos na ngayon

  8. sino ba to ang hirap naman FP KALOKA

  9. ang jiraffe naman pero sino ba ang liberal minded and controversial and may something s personality hmmm....

  10. Replies
    1. no not E.. never xa ng post ng something about drug test.

  11. I do think this is D.

  12. clue baks eh "hide what he has allegedly been growing in a farm somewhere. " hala eh sino ang my farm ba? kaloka sino ba to FP.. guessing game.. bka si "M"

  13. pakopya mga vaks! hahaha

  14. Who are KaH and KaF? Sorry, newbie..



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