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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Movie Review: Working Beks

Image courtesy of Facebook: Working Beks

Main Cast: Edgar Allan Guzman, John Lapus, TJ Trinidad
Director: Chris Martinez
Rating: R13
Released by : Viva Films

The movie is about five gay men from different backgrounds whose lives are peppered with struggles as they face the world trying to survive and make each day count.   

Champ Reyno (Edgar Allan Guzman) is an actor who gets involved in a viral sex video that scandalized his career and family. Gorgeous (John Lapuz) is an over the top family breadwinner, who deprives himself and only lives to provide for his huge family.

Tommy (TJ Trinidad) is a marketing executive who experiences gender discrimination at work and is sidelined for promotion. Jet (Prince Stefan) is a  call center agent with active sex life with multiple partners, becomes so paranoid he could have contacted the deadly HIV.

Mandy (Joey Paras) tries with all his might to counter his gay tendencies a few hours into his wedding.  

The conflicts shown in ’ Working Beks’  are real and matter-of-course. Issues like discrimination in and out of the workplace, as well as HIV issues are every gay’s major predicament. The movie tries to address these issues but stops - leaving everything hanging.

As expected, humor is there, spread in each of the character’s episodes but the treatment of the core issues falls short to have an agreeable finish. Everything appears to be a smorgasbord, offering a variety of stories that never develop and conclude.    

If at all, the only one that stands out is that of Champ Reyno’s character whose story truly depicts how harsh it is to be a closet gay in the midst of a cruel and pretentious world he is in. Bela Padilla’s acting nails it, as expected. On the other hand, Mandy’s story is overstretched, yet still fails to engage the viewer why he does what he does, to get into a marriage with a partner very willing to love him hook, line and sinker.

Acting-wise, TJ Trinidad levels up as a family loving and career-driven gay executive.  But his story would have been more appreciated had the circumstances in his non-traditional family been allowed to unfold. Throughout his story, the viewer eagerly waits for that one reveal – but nada.  As such, the acting effort and the inspiration all went for naught.

Same goes for Gorgeous and Jet whose narratives would have impacted big if only. Gorgeous’ quiet demeanor in her daily struggle is quite intriguing, yet it is not given proper perspective. Jet’s great fear of HIV and coming out with secret lover Champ would have added a very good flavor, but sadly.

All told, what goes on in the minds of every viewer after watching the film are questions that need answers to their whys’, what’s, who’s. Indeed, the half baked film fails to grow on you and not allowed to conclude beautifully making the experience half, if not truly wanting.

Other stars in the movie are Bela Padilla, Jeric Raval, Leo Martinez, Marlon Rivera, Rez Cortez. Now in cinemas near you.


  1. Napanuod ko na siya, akala ko walang kwenta, pero nakakatawa siya mga classmates, realistic kasi haha watch nyo classmates hihi

    1. Ay oo teh, panalo ung scene ni Joey Paras saka ni John Lapus, totoo kasi ung Fantard thing haha

  2. I actually liked it :) it was very entertaining. Sooobrang galing ni TJ Trinidad!!! Riot sina Joey Paras and Atak!! i'm watching it again tomorrow with my working beks friends :)

  3. flopey beks dapat title

  4. Ui 8:35 ang nega mo namn baks!

  5. Tuwang tuwa siguro mga beki na ginagamit sila ng media ngayon para pagkakitaan sila ng milyon milyon. Congratulations! :)

    1. Pa check up din pag may time te. Kinakain ka na ng kanegahan oh.

  6. Hay, matagal na kami ng jowa kong naghahanap ng pinoy movie na well represented ang mga kulay ng modern sangkabekihan. Palagi na lang floppey. Mareng Chris, I love you pero Here Comes The Bride ang last mong panalong pelikula. Marami namang pera ang Viva, ba't di maka-hire ng mga legit writers tulad nila Nicolas Pichay? Sorry for being harsh, pero hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon maisasalba ng acting.

  7. Ayos yung movie :) Goals namin ng Boyfriend ko yung kay Tommy na Story :) love love love lang tayo <3



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