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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Another Ungrateful Artist

Unlike the young years of the local entertainment industry, the system now is highly complicated and certain factors have to be met before one could fully enter the field. A pretty face, talent, and dedication are not enough for any person who wants to make it big. These days, one needs a well-connected manager to break into the station and the movie producers.

This system has been ingrained to the point that a talent would not be able to make decisions independently. Frequently, talents would say that they have to ask their manager if they could reply to a simple query or if they could commit to any event. Moreover, managers have learned that the easiest way to make money is to discover a talent that has mass appeal and has the charisma to attract the audience as well as endorsements. Hence, some people have made lucrative careers out of managing talents and getting their allocated cuts.

Sometime ago, a Talent Manager (TM) was sought after because she was well connected. She was in good terms with all stations as well as with movie outfits. Thus, to be under her wing would mean that one is a step ahead of the rest. When TM talks, every person in the room listens because she could be feisty and insistent on her views, which are often correct most of the time, anyway. Thus, when a talent is under her management, there is a good chance that he/she would make it big.

However, things are not always perfect. When the number of talents of TM swelled, handling them equally became hard, and thus, others were left behind. Moreover, it did not help when disgruntled talents revealed their resentment and simply wanted to break free from their contracts with TM. When confronted with such intrigues, TM moved forward and launched her barrage of responses. Again, despite the way she delivered her argument, she had legal basis. Thus, the disgruntled talents had to shut up until their contracts expired.

Recently, Daring Celebrity (DC) was being pinpointed as another ungrateful talent of TM. Some detractors claim that whatever DC is gaining now started with the hard work of TM. Because DC had made a name for herself in a network and had amassed a following, the least she could do was to acknowledge TM. This line was the premise of the criticism launched against DC. Although TM had kept quiet, DC was finally asked her side on accusations that she was ungrateful. Well, as far as DC is concerned, the effort of TM was insufficient because she failed to make DC as famous as she is now. In other words, nothing happened to the career of DC while TM was managing her, and so, DC asked why she should be thankful at all.

‘Ungrateful people forget what they are not grateful for.’ - Ana Monnar

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  1. Ang hirap naman. Malamang from umay serye to.

  2. TM and DC same initials ~ A goodnight classmates

  3. TM- a
    DC- A

    Pak!!!! Ganern!! Goodnight!!!! 1st honor!!!

  4. Mawawala nako sa pagka DL this sem. Sinetch itey? Mga classmate pa copy naman. 😘

  5. TM - A
    DC - A (KaF)

    Pers onor!!!!

  6. DC - A
    TM - A

    Pers onor!

  7. A & A. Tama ba, classmates? Ktnxbye. ;)

  8. TM - A DC - A of daring teleserye

  9. I think this is A of Kap. Kung di siya nagumpisa kay TM wala siya sa status niya ngayon. Di naman hit teleserye, hina pa umarte.. workshop muna iha!

  10. TM - A DC - A. Ka-H dati tapos nag Ka-S then nung lumipat sa Ka-F dun lang umusad ang career. Well. La naman talaga nagawa si TM sa career ni DC at sa karamihan ng mga talent artist niya. Iilan lang ang nahahanapan niya ng projects..

  11. TM-feisty A, and DC-A- a major gluta and retoke talent.

  12. si A n pagtumingin s salamin d makilala ang sarili..A n manager n bigla lagapak..but before parang d makati ng ibang manager parang kasing magnet s management, lahat ng alaga may show kahit d kagalingan



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